Phase 2 Pictures And Captions Matching Cards (Square Cards)


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Phase 2 Pictures And Captions Matching Cards (Square Cards) - Phase 2, Phase two, Word cards, matching, matching activity, captions, pictures, DfES Letters and Sounds, Letters and sounds

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  • 16 hours ago

    I've tried to download this several times now but can't seem to manage it, the download freezes as it gets towards the end of the download. I have left my laptop on for half an hour but the file won't download.

    • 16 hours ago

      Hi shaz,
      Thank you very much for commenting! It's great to hear from you :)

      It may be down to its size. I have e-mailed you with further help.

  • Sep 21st

    Would it be possible to include a set with capital letters and full stops please? Thank you!

    • Sep 21st

      Hi FayWhitmarsh,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

  • Jun 16th

    Perfect for ESL

  • Jun 11th

    I'm trying to change our teaching methods at school. Perfect for the lower classes.

  • Jun 10th

    for use with lower ability and dyslexia kids to support their literacy skills

  • Jun 6th

    for use with a chid with ASD to ensure child understands words rather than decodes

  • May 25th


  • May 24th

    in class teaching

  • May 23rd

    writing challenge box

  • May 1st

    i am using it in reception for intensive phonics teaching, looks great

  • Apr 25th

    Perfect for use with EAL children.

  • Apr 2nd

    reading activity every morning

  • Mar 14th

    Great help for segmenting and blending, also for lower ability kids

  • Mar 14th

    Dyslexia 1-to-1 work.

  • Mar 8th

    LST students. Literacy Support.Thank you.

  • Feb 28th

    I would use it with young ASD children to help them read short sentences while making these very visual.

  • Feb 14th

    literacy support

  • Jan 25th

    supporting small intervention groups

  • Jan 25th

    reading small sentences having three letter words and provide the child with visual cues to motivate reading.

  • Jan 24th


  • Jan 19th

    small group work blending to read a simple cation

  • Dec 31st

    I will use it with EAL children to help them recognise and read CVC words as well as showing that they have understood what they have read by being able to find and match the sentence to the correct picture.

  • Dec 14th

    practicing to blend in reception class

  • Dec 3rd

    Nice for LA additional reading activity

  • Nov 19th

    Great comprehension for beginning readers! I will also use this for independent work during my literacy centers.

  • Nov 9th

    phonics beginner reading practice

  • Oct 29th

    my lower ability children to work independently during guided reading ( year 3)

  • Oct 22nd

    I'll use for my EAL Kids.

  • Oct 12th

    phonics with new reception class

  • Oct 9th

    direct teaching about narrative genre

  • Oct 4th

    I will use these flashcards for phonics lesson caption reading practice.

  • Sep 14th

    Teaching the use of captions in 1st grade ELD classroom.

  • Sep 13th

    for my phonics group

  • Sep 7th

    Wonderful CVC/CVCC phrases for reading; making a matching game.

  • Sep 6th

    practice reading for my students:-)

  • Sep 5th

    for my classes

  • Aug 19th

    use it to teach reading in my class.(teaching captions)

  • Jul 21st

    One to one phonics

    • Jul 21st

      Hi Julieanne22366,
      Great to hear it will be so useful :) Thanks for your feedback!

  • Jun 30th

    for my class

  • Jun 21st

    Individual work with visually impaired child

    • Jun 21st

      Hi MrsStacey,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jun 21st

    class Act

    • Jun 21st

      Hi sandrawfernandes,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jun 15th


    • Jun 15th

      Hi proudlock,
      Thanks for commenting. :)

  • Jun 2nd

    year1 SEN group tasks to check

  • May 31st

    I am a consulting teacher and I use this resource as an example of what is available on Twinkl.

  • May 24th

    for use with a special needs child

  • May 24th

    introducing writing to my PPs equipped with sound knowledge and blending skills

  • May 7th

    classroom use

  • May 6th

    Great phonics resource.

  • Apr 28th

    Please could I have this but with cursive font?

    • Apr 28th

      Hi mcateea!
      Thanks for your suggestion - our resource team will be in touch if this can be made for you! :)

    • Jul 31st

      Hi there mcateea! The updated version has now been sent out to you. Let us know if you have any more great suggestions :)

  • Apr 17th

    helping to assess and develop a students interpretation of text/

  • Apr 7th

    Yr Phonics Sessions and our Phonics challenge corner.

  • Apr 6th

    Phonics groups

  • Apr 1st

    Phase 2 classes. Thanks!

  • Mar 23rd

    YR phonics, thanks

  • Mar 23rd

    Helping a reception child with dyslexia

  • Mar 9th

    Teaching time during Letters and Sounds

  • Mar 5th

    To suppot a visually impaired child in early years

  • Mar 5th

    Teaching phonics in the early years
    Great for word and picture matching

  • Mar 5th

    year 1 esl

  • Feb 16th

    practice reading

  • Feb 12th

    EAL stuents

  • Feb 8th

    For practising blending for reading

  • Feb 7th

    For reading practice.

  • Feb 6th

    Im starting the letters and sounds program in a month for the first time.

  • Feb 5th

    to help with reading and spelling

  • Feb 5th

    to help with reading

  • Feb 4th

    TO assist SEN children in class

  • Feb 4th

    practise reading

  • Feb 4th

    Thanks, it will be a fantastic resourcefor my reception class kids.

  • Feb 4th

    to help with literacy

  • Feb 2nd

    for sen children

  • Feb 2nd

    Literacy Center Game

  • Feb 1st

    As an independent group activity during literacy time

  • Feb 1st

    to help children read simple sentences

  • Feb 1st


  • Jan 29th

    to create sentences!

  • Jan 29th


  • Jan 28th

    I will lay the cards out on the floor and get the children to walk in and out of them singing 'what words will i read today, read today, read today...' to the tune of London Bridge. When I call stop, the children jump on a card and read/ sound it out loud to the rest of the group. I have done this in Reception class for a group of 6 chrn who are having a bit of extra help.

  • Jan 28th

    Re- inforcing teaching

  • Jan 28th

    Reception: matching the sentences to the pictures as part of independent quiet reading activities.

  • Jan 27th

    SEN children in my class, hopefully they will love the pictures and be able to hear and say the rhymes.

  • Jan 26th

    for my classroom and to develop their concept of captions and labels as we are currently doing the topic. in class

  • Jan 26th

    using to check comprehension of cvc words

  • Jan 26th

    early years

  • Jan 25th

    Using with special needs adults at pre-entry level

  • Jan 24th

    I intend to use this as a enrichment activity for advanced preschoolers

  • Jan 23rd

    EAL and ASD

  • Jan 23rd

    reception phonics

  • Jan 22nd

    extend year1

  • Jan 22nd


  • Jan 22nd

    Y3/4 science display

  • Jan 21st

    lower ability phonics group

  • Jan 21st

    Speech and Language Group.

  • Jan 20th

    early reading work (blending practice and/or reading strategies (picture cues)

  • Jan 19th

    to use with my class

  • Jan 19th

    Writing practice

  • Jan 18th

    homework sound book, and as support in the writing area for children to independently access

  • Jan 18th

    intervention group

  • Jan 18th

    segmenting/blending guided reading independent activity/ writing practice

  • Jan 15th


  • Jan 14th

    Segmenting and blending practice

  • Jan 12th

    early writing

  • Jan 12th

    early reading

  • Jan 12th

    phonics teaching

  • Jan 12th

    Phonics practice

  • Jan 11th


  • Jan 10th


  • Jan 9th


  • Jan 8th

    small ls reading groups

  • Jan 8th

    LA individual readers that are stuck on stage 1 ORT

  • Jan 8th


  • Jan 6th

    small group work

  • Jan 6th

    guided reading independent task

  • Jan 6th


  • Dec 12th

    Independent sentence writing activity

  • Dec 10th

    Independent writing activity.:)

  • Nov 17th

    small group work

  • Oct 28th

    Using this resource for my language table. Children really enjoy it.

  • Sep 28th

    This will be a really helpful resource to reinforce Phase 2 sounds and practise blending simple regular words - thank you!

  • Jan 24th

    I love this resource, its a brilliant starter. to make it trickier I turn them over so kids have to remember where they are.

Phase 2 Pictures And Captions Matching Cards (Square Cards)

Phase 2 Pictures And Captions Matching Cards (Square Cards) - A handy set of sorting cards containing a range of pictures and captions!
This resource is available in Standard, Cursive and Precursive.
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