Geographical Features Word Cards


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Geographical Features Word Cards - geographical features, topic, words, word cards, cards, topic, geography, features, landscape, beach, cliff, city, forest
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  • Oct 13th

    Will be using this resource for my vocabulary word wall to go along with our geography lessons.

  • Oct 2nd

    SEN Understanding the difference of human and physical features in Geography.

  • Jul 7th

    I use this for pre-teaching settings mixed with other cards.

  • Jun 6th

    great resource for children in year 1.thanks

  • Jun 1st

    To help our ESOL student.

  • May 28th

    great for geog lesson for after half term - thank you

  • May 14th

    I would use this resource to build academic vocabulary for my ELLs.

    • May 14th

      Hi ccano24,
      Thank you very much for commenting! It's great to hear from you :)

  • Apr 16th

    Sorting human and natural geography features with Y1 and 2

  • Apr 16th

    Excellent will use with Y3.

  • Mar 4th


  • Feb 19th

    I am doing my HND level 5, advanced practice working with children and families. this site is extremely useful

  • Jan 26th


  • Dec 9th


  • Nov 21st

    To identify features

  • Nov 15th

    Warm -up activity for SEN/EAL children so that they can identify what the feature is and what it looks like as I refer to it during teaching about physical and human features.

  • Nov 7th

    Geography human and physical features lesson

  • Oct 22nd

    This web pg it's awesome, I want to show these flash cards to my 12 years old Ss they will learn some vocabulary relate to geographical features.

  • Oct 14th

    This a great resource

  • Oct 12th

    this is great for EAL/SEN students

  • Sep 13th

    I love word walls for topics I'm teaching, my kids know if they are writing they can check words there or use it as a place to start.

  • Aug 25th

    Local Study - Our Town.
    The children will play a 'head bands' game where they have to guess their geographical feature by asking classmates questions. For example, a child might have a picture of a river on their head band. They might ask...
    'Am I man-made or natural?'
    'Can you climb over me?'
    And so on.

  • Aug 20th

    features of places

  • Aug 18th

    I'll use it as a memory game with my teens students

  • Aug 3rd

    For my daughter

  • Jul 25th

    I would use it as a memory game. Fantastic!

    • Jul 26th

      Hi daniellapaes,
      I'm so glad to hear you like our resource so much, it is great to be able to help! :)

  • Jul 6th

    Helping my Year 2 class understand the vocabulary

    • Jul 6th

      Hi DianeFrancis,
      Thanks! Its lovely to hear from you :)

  • Jun 25th

    Discussion activity sorting into physical/human

    • Jun 26th

      Hi clareshelton,
      Thank you for your feedback! I'm really glad we could help :)

  • Jun 25th

    Sorting activity

    • Jun 25th

      Hi ellis1711,
      Thanks for commenting :)

  • Jun 17th

    eal pupil

    • Jun 17th

      Hi nwaller,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jun 4th

    I am going to make a word wall

    • Jun 4th

      Great idea kerryhcm. :)

  • Jun 4th

    I want to look at some inspiring vocabulary and make a word walk

  • Jun 1st

    vocab activity and interactive display

    • Jun 1st

      HI MD2015, thanks for sharing. :)

  • May 8th

    Sorting for geography lesson before they make their own surveys

  • May 7th

    Sorting activity geog features and display

  • May 2nd

    New Geography Curriculum - sorting activities

  • Apr 26th

    geography features

  • Apr 26th

    introducing geographical features

  • Apr 22nd

    Same as Catherinewilson1

  • Apr 15th

    IPC display

  • Apr 14th

    Social Studies lesson

  • Mar 30th

    I would use it for KS1 children to sort physical from human features.

  • Mar 28th

    To prepare Mexican children for a Cambridge Flyers exam... as part of a project "make and imaginary Island" project;

  • Mar 24th

    Geography sorting human and physical features

  • Mar 23rd

    Geography in Year 2 - sorting human and physical features!

  • Mar 15th

    ESL lesson on landscape features. Thanks a lot!

  • Mar 8th

    Geography for Year 2 - sorting physical and human features.

  • Feb 23rd

    Great resource! Thank you!

  • Feb 5th

    Excellent use for my Science lessons. Thanks!

  • Feb 1st

    Great use for social studies.

  • Jan 30th

    For EAL pupils.

  • Jan 19th

    As a sorting activity when looking at physical and human features.

  • Jan 16th

    Great for use on 'Where in the world' topic in KS1

  • Jan 15th

    Great for use with 'Where we Live topic' - using geographical vocabulary

  • Jan 7th

    Introducing vocabulary

  • Jan 6th

    geogrpahy ks1

  • Dec 11th

    It can be a great warm up activity

  • Oct 4th

    Great. Were going to use these to collect as part of a mapping activity around the school groups, then sort them back in the classroom.

  • Sep 23rd

    This is really useful it will form part of our Geography display and as a sorting starter to the topic. Many thanks.

  • Sep 24th

    I will use this to support children with speech and language problems and EAL children

  • Apr 30th

    I will use these pictures as a sorting activity for geography on physical and human features!

  • Apr 8th


Geographical Features Word Cards

Geographical Features Word Cards - A set of word cards covering the main vocabulary for this topic. Why not laminate and discuss the topic with the children?
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