Measurement Conversion Display Posters

Ref No. T2-M-040
Preview: Measurement Conversion Display Posters
Measurement Conversion Display Posters - A handy set of display posters featuring key topic images. Perfect for a variety of displays. This resource is available in Standard Premium.

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  • woojharry's Profile Picture woojharry I will use this as reminder posters, confidence boosters, when my class are carrying out investigations. Saved me so mch time - thanks! :D · Dec 5th
  • Jules@twinkl's Profile Picture Jules@twinkl Hello Neil! Thank you for pointing that out! All fixed now :) · Oct 11th, 2012
  • neilmbailey's Profile Picture neilmbailey Time has the units for punds and pences as opposed to hours, minutes and seconds. · Oct 9th, 2012