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Measurement Conversion Display Posters - measurement conversion, display, poster, sign, banner, measuring, measurement, convert, converting, kilometres, metres, centimetres, millimetres, kilograms, grams

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  • Sep 27th

    working wall

  • Sep 18th

    to put on a working wall

  • Sep 18th

    working wall

  • Sep 16th

    Could a version be made that just says 'mass'? Weight is not the correct term.

    • Sep 16th

      Hi mrswigglemunch,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll ask our resource creators to look at this right away!

    • Sep 18th

      Hi there mrswigglemunch,
      Thanks for spotting this mistake! We have now corrected it and emailed you the amended resource, I hope you find it useful. It will also be updated on the website soon.

  • Sep 9th


  • Aug 24th

    Is it possible to have 'Mass/Weight' on the weight measures conversions? - We use both terms. Thanks

    • Aug 24th

      Hi NormY6,
      Thanks for commenting! I'll ask our resource creators about this for you :)

    • Aug 26th

      Hi thereNormY6,
      Our lovely designers have done this for you and emailed the new resource, I hope you find it useful! It will also be available for download on the website soon.

    • Aug 26th

      Hi thereNormY6,
      Our lovely designers have done this and emailed the new resource to you! It will also be available on the website soon. I hope you find it useful!

  • Jul 24th

    KS2 outdoor area investigations display

  • Jun 8th


    • Jun 8th

      Thanks for your comment alisonmarsh1989!

  • Jun 3rd


  • Apr 30th

    for my GCSE maths student who always messes up technical questions by forgetting her basic comparisons.

  • Apr 29th

    display and revision in classroom

  • Apr 19th

    school kitchen wall

  • Apr 18th

    sen maths

  • Apr 12th

    Working wall

  • Mar 30th

    Perfect as a reminder for my Y5

  • Mar 22nd

    Perfect for a student who needs a quick reminder! Thank you :-)

  • Feb 3rd

    Helping my daughter with her homework

  • Jan 11th

    Revision of units of measure

  • Dec 17th

    maths display in a Y5 classroom. Thankyou

  • Sep 24th

    Learning resource

  • Sep 24th

    Class learning resources

  • Aug 6th

    These are perfect for cheering up some storage cupboards where our capacity and Maths resources are kept! And if I'm really lucky, the children might look at them too! :)

  • Dec 5th

    I will use this as reminder posters, confidence boosters, when my class are carrying out investigations. Saved me so mch time - thanks! :D

  • Oct 11th

    Hello Neil! Thank you for pointing that out! All fixed now :)

  • Oct 9th

    Time has the units for punds and pences as opposed to hours, minutes and seconds.

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Measurement Conversion Display Posters

Measurement Conversion Display Posters - A handy set of display posters featuring key topic images. Perfect for a variety of displays.
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