KS2 Arithmetic Practice Tests Year 6 Bumper Pack


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KS2 Arithmetic Practice Tests Year 6 Bumper Pack - arithmetic
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  • , rated this resource Jul 21st
  • , rated this resource Jul 18th
  • Hi,These are great and I have used them with my Year 6s for SATs revision this year. Next year I would like to use the half-tests weekly with my Year 5s and 6s. Unfortunately, this would create a lot of printing. Would it be possible to have copies (for both the Y5 & 6 half-tests) which just list the questions on one sheet, so that I could display them on the whiteboard and the children could complete them in their books?Thanks,Jane

    , Jul 10th
  • , rated this resource Jul 2nd
  • HI, The  resource is so useful and my daughter like to do these tests regularly. Thanks for the resource. 
    are there any practise papers for 11+ please ??

    , May 19th
  • Is this available in an editable format?

    , Apr 18th
    • Hi jessicawingham,
      Thanks for your lovely request - I'll ask our design team to take a look and see if we can make this change for you :)

      , Apr 18th
    • Hi there,
      We are currently unable to provide an editable version of this bumper pack, however we do have these editable arithmetic assessment templates available that you might find useful:



      , Apr 19th
  • This is very good for stats practice but I think they should be for free.

    , Apr 11th
    • Hi Zaneta_lb,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch! It's lovely to hear from you :)
      This is a premium resource which is available on our Platinum Classic or Platinum Plus subscriptions. You can find out more about our subscriptions here: www.twinkl.co.uk/premium

      , Apr 11th
  • This is a fantastic set of resources for SATs practise - thank you!

    , Mar 29th
  • Please can you have a way to access this without downloading or in an email. This would be extremely helpful if you could! Thanks

    , Mar 27th
    • Hello again Katteacher1980!
      In order to download or receive this resource by email I would recommend signing up to one of our subscriptions (for example Platinum Classic and Platinum Plus subscriptions would both let you access this resource). You can do this by clicking on the gold Premium button in the top right corner. Unfortunately there are not currently any other ways of getting this resource. Please get back in touch if there is anything else I can help with. Have a lovely day! :)

      , Mar 28th
    • thanks. Also is there a way to print things without a subscribtion or downloading? if so please tell me. thanks again

      , Mar 28th
    • Good afternoon!
      Unfortunately not at the moment. Please get back in touch if there's anything else I can help with.

      , Mar 28th
  • , Mar 14th
  • I have printed each worksheet for my daughter and it is extremely helpful.

    , Mar 14th
  • I tried to email the pack to myself and it says email has been sent but I checked my emails but it's not there so do I have to wait for a while

    , Mar 12th
    • Good evening Spellings154,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch! It's lovely to hear from you :) I would presume that the pack should go straight to your email. It may be because the file is quite large. I have sent you an email to get a few details from you so I can try and help :)

      , Mar 12th
  • Could you combine the half tests into full tests?

    , Mar 12th
    • Good afternoon lukepadley,
      I'll ask our design team to take a look! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Mar 12th
  • SATs practice -thank you!

    , Mar 12th
  • Could ,please, you please make it so you can open it in Microsoft Word 2009?Thank you very much if you do.

    , Mar 7th
    • Good evening ramzii,
      I'll ask our design team to take a look! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Mar 7th
    • Hi there,
      We now have this editable KS2 arithmetic template that you may find useful - http://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t2-m-1433-ks2-editable-maths-arithmetic-assessment

      I hope you like it!

      , Mar 8th
    • Hi there ramzii,
      This has been completed now and we have emailed the new resource to you! It will also be available on the website within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a main resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above. I hope you find it useful!

      , Mar 8th
  • Excellent resource! Using them weekly in prep for May! Only thing I would like to mention is for every paper there is always 2 or 3 incorrect answers on the answer sheet. Not a huge issue but though I would let you know.

    , Feb 24th
    • Hi bisgjs1,
      I apologise if these mistakes have caused any problems. I'll let our design team know about it right away and they will get it fixed as soon as they can!

      , Feb 24th
  • Excellent resource for getting y6 ready for SATs, using the HTPs to make challenge cards. 

    , Feb 11th
    • Hi MadCoo153,
      It's always lovely to hear that people like our resources. Thank you so much for letting us know ! :)

      , Feb 11th
  • Is there a mark out of 40 or percentage that would indicate that a Y6 child is at the expected standard?

    , Feb 10th
    • Hi gracecameron2002,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch! It's lovely to hear from you :)
      As the benchmark changes year to year, we are unable to offer this at the moment.

      , Feb 10th
  • Hi, Is there an analysis sheet for the HPT ? Thanks

    , Feb 3rd
    • Hi KerenArnold,
      Thank you for commenting. I have put this request through, if we're able to make it then we'll be in touch to let you know! :)

      , Feb 3rd
    • Hi there KerenArnold,
      Our lovely resource creation team have completed this and emailed the new resource to you, I hope you find it useful! It will also be available for download within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a new resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above.

      , Feb 9th
  • What does HTP stand for?

    , Jan 26th
    • Hi cawthron,
      Thank you very much for commenting! It's great to hear from you :) This stands for Half Practice Tests.

      , Jan 26th
    • your welcome

      , Jan 31st
  • Do you have a bumper pack of reasoning tests?

    , Jan 25th
  • for children...?

    , Jan 20th
    • Hi kmarshall33.311,
      Thank you very much for commenting! It's great to hear from you :)
      This resource is a Y6 resource so would suit children aged 10-11.
      If I can help further, just let me know :)

      , Jan 20th
  • Weekly practice with class

    , Jan 15th
  • Brilliant - thank you

    , Jan 12th
    • Hi battlingbard_uk,
      It's great to hear you like the resource - Thanks for sharing! :)

      , Jan 12th
  • It is great

    , Jan 6th
  • , Dec 8th
  • Hi, used the tests for some of my higher level year 5 students and they have spotted some errors in the answers sheets for the second test:
    Q9 - Was a fraction question which was 3/8 + 1/8 and the answer was 10/8, 5/4 or one whole and a 1/4.
    Q10 - The question was 2.81 + 0.1 and the answer was given as 2.816.
    Q14 - was a division question, 530/100 and the answer was given as 0.0503.
    Thanks for your time and resource.

    , Nov 15th
    • Good afternoon Joewood,
      I am really sorry to hear about these mistakes, and I apologise if they have caused you any trouble. They will be changed shortly!

      , Nov 15th
  • Year 6 homework. Thanks so much for your hard work.

    , Nov 8th
    • Hi middle123,
      Thank you for your feedback! I'm really glad we could help :)

      , Nov 8th
  • There are several errors on paper 10. Number 18 - 1 1/2Number 24 is worth 2 marks not 1Number 35 is worth 1 mark not 2

    , Nov 7th
    • Hi elunedolver,
      I am really sorry to hear about this mistake, and I apologise if it has caused you any trouble. It will be changed shortly!

      , Nov 7th
    • Hi there elunedolver,
      Thank you for spotting this! Our lovely teacher and design teams have fixed the mistake and emailed the corrected resource to you! It will also be updated on the website very soon - I hope you find it useful!

      , Nov 8th
  • Please be aware of paper 5 a couple of answers on your mark page are incorrect.

    , Oct 30th
    • Hi smarsh1503,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll get this updated right away!

      , Oct 30th
    • Hi there smarsh1503,
      Thank you for spotting this mistake! Our lovely teacher and design teams have solved the issue and have emailed the corrected resource to you! It will also be updated on the website very soon - I hope you find it useful!

      , Oct 30th
  • Year 6 Maths homework

    , Oct 20th
  • to support Year 6 pupil I tutor

    , Sep 27th
  • for improving my childs knowledge

    , Sep 21st
  • how do i download every thing at once

    , May 8th
  • On paper 3b, Question 20a, it is worded as 'Which is the quickest train from London to Sheffield, but timetabled departures are actually originating from Sheffield to London. This is confusing.

    , May 5th
    • Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. I have had a look at the resource you have commented on and it does not seem to be the same resource. Please can you send over the link to the resource that you are referring to so that I can take a closer look. We look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks :)

      , May 5th
  • sorry but what does HPT mean?

    , Apr 29th
    • Hi mrswake,
      Thank you for commenting! These are 'half paper tests' (HPT) so should be taken over 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes. I hope this helps! :)

      , Apr 29th
  • sats

    , Apr 21st
  • For homework practice!

    , Apr 10th
  • Great in the run-up to SATS!

    , Mar 22nd
    • Yes

      , Apr 20th
  • really useful for class practice for SATS

    , Mar 15th
    • I need paper 5 asap

      , Apr 19th
    • Hi Miss_terengate,
      These assessment tests are only available with a Classic subscription. For more information about this, please take a look here: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/premium

      Have a lovely evening! :)

      , Apr 19th
  • Excellent weekly practise to keep up range of arithmetic skills.

    , Mar 11th
    • you are right

      , Mar 13th
    • Sats is so stressing for pupils and teachers

      , Apr 19th
    • Hi Miss_terengate,
      We're here to help if you need us! :)

      , Apr 19th
  • superb resource- very useful for sats practice! If you could produce papers that mirror the style of the new spag test in year 6 I would be one of the most greatful people in the world! Thank you for all you do!

    , Mar 7th
  • I've used this with my Post 16 SEND learners (minus the front page) - clear layout and excellent questions to support their Functional Skills studies.

    , Mar 7th
  • These are perfect in preparation for the SATS. Thank you so much.

    , Mar 6th
  • Excellent resources in preparation for SATS. Thank you.

    , Mar 6th
  • I rate this resource because it is very bad

    , Mar 6th
    • Oops I ment it is good but some are bad

      , Mar 6th
    • Hi india1,

      Thank you for your comment on the Twinkl website.

      I'm sorry to hear that this resource does not completely meet your needs.
      Could you please let me know what problems you are having with this resource and how we could amend it so that it meets your needs?
      I hope you have a lovely day! : )

      , Mar 6th
  • They are fantastic and have helped the children enormously. Thanks you so much!

    , Mar 4th
  • These resources are fantastic. In order to maximize the impact of these, it would be useful to have a grid that related each question to an area of the national curriculum. Is this something that you have?

    , Mar 2nd
  • These are outstanding - thank you so much! With all the pressure of Y6 SATs and the lack of support from the gov, these really make life a little easier! Thanks!

    , Feb 19th
  • Sats practice.This is being used at school so we are continuing at home

    , Feb 16th
    • Same! We're having half term school.

      , Feb 17th
  • Sats practice and getting the children familiar with the tests. Is there a test style paper for all the other areas of maths? A B paper possibly with all the Geometry, Algebra and Statistics all on one paper?

    , Feb 1st
  • sats practice and homeworks when using the HPT tests. Fab resource

    , Jan 29th
  • These are brilliant, thank you. Any chance you are making reasoning papers too?

    , Jan 28th
  • It is a really nice resource

    , Jan 27th
  • This is amazing - just what we needed for Y6 SATS practice.

    , Jan 22nd
  • brilliant resources! Thank you

    , Jan 21st
  • A supportive resource, thank you.

    , Jan 18th
  • Really useful - thank you!

    , Jan 11th
  • Fantastic - excellent for helping the chn prepare for SATS

    , Jan 10th
  • year five able pupils

    , Jan 9th
  • Downloaded - looks really handy! Rolling this across year 6
    What does HPT stand for? Sorry if it's obvious! Cheers

    , Jan 7th
    • Hi mr_m_smart,

      Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad that you'll find these useful. The 'HPT' prefix on some of the resources refers to the 'Half Practice Tests' - to differentiate them from the 10 full length papers also included in the pack.

      Have a great day!

      , Jan 7th
  • Fantastic resource to help me prepare my children. Thank you!

    , Jan 7th
  • Fantastic just what I was looking for.

    , Jan 6th
  • Brilliant - just what I was looking for! Thank you!

    , Jan 6th
  • Supporting the year 6 teacher in preparing children to tackle end of year assessments. Great support thank you

    , Jan 5th
  • Excellent time saver leading up to SATS.

    , Dec 18th
  • Excellent! You've really saved me time in run up to SATs!Thank you!

    , Dec 8th
  • Great for ongoing assessment and SATS prep. Thanks!

    , Dec 8th
  • Thank you for a great resource - perfect for SATS preparation!

    , Dec 1st
  • Great for preparation for new National Curriculum tests in 2016!

    , Nov 30th
  • SATS preparation. Fantastic resource.

    , Nov 24th
  • Brilliant for SATs preparation, particularly with the new tests. Great for them to see how the tests are set out and the style and what is required.

    , Nov 20th
  • Absolutely perfect for SATs preparation. Having the same format will be confidence building.

    , Nov 11th
  • This is perfect for my Year 6 class in preparation for their SATs test. They need to get used to the format and this will help them to build their confidence in tackling this style of questioning.

    , Sep 27th
    • my class love it so much. They ask me to give them homework everyday there is this one child who used hate maths and work well now I made them used to work and they all are superstars

      , Mar 5th
    • It won't let me download

      it for free.

      , Apr 1st
    • Hi Bubble9366,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch! It's lovely to hear from you :)
      This resource is available with a Platinum Classic or Platinum Plus subscription. You can find out more here: www.twinkl.co.uk/premium

      , Apr 1st
A set of 10 full practice tests and 30 (half) practice tests that mirror the 2016 Key Stage 2 Sample Arithmetic Test. Each pair of half tests covers the content of the whole sample practice test. Combine with the full tests for one a week!
KS2 Arithmetic Practice Tests Year 6 Bumper Pack contains:
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-15b.pdf
  • T-PA-930-Key-Stage-2-Arithmetic-Full-Practise-Tests-Assessment-Spreadsheet.xls
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-1a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-1b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-2a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-2b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-3a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-3b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-4a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-4b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-5a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-5b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-6a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-6b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-7a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-7b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-8a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-8b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-9a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-9b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-10a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-10b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-11a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-11b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-12a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-12b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-13a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-13b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-14a.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-14b.pdf
  • HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-15a.pdf
  • ArithmeticPaper1.pdf
  • ArithmeticPaper2.pdf
  • ArithmeticPaper3.pdf
  • ArithmeticPaper4.pdf
  • ArithmeticPaper5.pdf
  • ArithmeticPaper6.pdf
  • ArithmeticPaper7.pdf
  • ArithmeticPaper8.pdf
  • ArithmeticPaper9.pdf
  • ArithmeticPaper10.pdf

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