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Recorder Stage 2 Resource Pack
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  • Love this, I would also love to see a Stage 3 :)

    , Nov 12th
    • Hi there,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us - it is lovely to hear from you :)
      We are currently not working on Stage 3 however, I've passed your suggestion over to our resource creation team to add to their ideas bank. Thank you very much for taking the time to share it and please let us know if you have any other lovely ideas! Have a lovely day! :)

      , Nov 12th
  • Looking forward to using this later in the year to teach recorder to my Year 3's. Any ideas when Stage 3 will be available? 

    , Oct 23rd
    • Good evening Heather183,

      Thanks for your comment! We are not currently working on Stage 3 however we'll add this to our bank of ideas and we'll be in touch let you know when this resource is created in the future. Have a lovely day :)

      , Oct 23rd
  • Fantastic resource! It's a shame that it follows a different progression of notes than the planning I follow! We do B A G E D (low) as that is the natural progression of the fingers covering the holes. I've used the first two sessions though and absolutely love them!

    , Feb 22nd
    • Hi, I'm so glad you like the first two sessions :) Stage 1 has more sessions using the notes B, A and G which you may find useful. Stage 3 will introduce the low notes E and D, but is still being developed. Hope this helps.

      , Feb 22nd
  • having problems downloading this , keeps saying author has not given permission...any suggestions please?!

    , Jan 11th
    • Hi corfutown,
      Thanks for commenting and I'm sorry you're having trouble downloading this resource.
      I've taken a look at and it appears to download properly for me here. Our helpful FAQ page should provide a solution but I will also send a copy of the resource through to you. If you're still having trouble, let me know and I'll have another look at this right away for you!
      Have a lovely day! :)

      , Jan 11th
  • Thank you!!

    , Jan 9th
  • Hi, thank you for this resource, it is really useful.I was wondering if it is possible please to edit the colours of the notes - to fit in with a bespoke teaching plan?  For example, I use green for G, yellow for C, blue for B.  I have managed to change the text, the rest are in pictures so can't be changed!Thank you, Helen Sumner

    , Jan 9th
    • Hi littlestrummers,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Jan 9th
    • Hi, just wondered if you managed to do anything with being able to change the colours?
      Thanks, Helen

      , Jan 23rd
    • Thank you for getting in touch. Your request is still with our lovely design team. They will be in touch with you soon :)

      , Jan 23rd
    • Hi there,
      Our lovely resource creation team have looked in to this for you and unfortunately we are currently unable to provide a version where the note colours are editable.

      , Jan 23rd
    • Hi, I was wondering if offering a black and white version of the resources would help Helen to be able to add her own colour scheme? I don't know how easy / hard this would be! Thanks

      , Feb 22nd
    • Great suggestion! I'll ask our design team to make this black and white for you :)

      , Feb 22nd
  • Sorry - me again. Also session 5 activity sheet 4 - quaver rest looks like a number 7, not a backwards number 7.But do like this resource!!

    , Jan 2nd
    • Hi cruthb,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll get this updated right away!

      , Jan 2nd
  • Looks fabulous!Have just noticed that in the activity sheets for session 2 it talks about 'crochets' rather than 'crotchets'!! It happens on a number of the pages. Also on the powerpoint. I haven't looked closely at any other sessions.

    , Jan 2nd
    • Hi cruthb,
      I am really sorry to hear about this mistake, and I apologise if it has caused you any trouble. It will be changed shortly!

      , Jan 2nd
  • This is such a great resource. 

    , Nov 30th
  • Would love something like this for the tin whistle 

    , Nov 14th
    • Good evening msnhoconnor,
      Thank you for your fantastic suggestion! Because we receive so many lovely requests each day, we are unfortunately unable to make all of the resources requested (although we do our best!) If we can make your resource we will be in touch to let you know, though we cannot guarantee when it will be completed. If there is anything else I can help with, please let me know! Have a great day :)

      , Nov 14th
Over six sessions the notes B, A and G are rehearsed and the notes C and D are introduced on the treble clef stave along with crotchet, quaver, minim and semibreve notation. Included in the pack are individual session presentations and activity sheets, along with Twinkl Recorder Book 2 which contains all the tunes covered in this stage and is perfect for home practice. To accompany the session presentations are demonstration and performance audio tracks. There is a certificate of achievement to present when the stage in complete and, for the non-music specialists, there are detailed guidance notes for each session.
Tags in this resource:
  • recorder-1.png
  • girl-playing-recorder.png
  • musical-notes-1.png
  • wolfgang-amadeus-mozart-twinkl-eyes.png
  • big-red-kangaroo-with-tail.png
  • tortoise.png
  • circus-big-top-tent.png
  • crunching-munching-caterpillar.png
  • cat-1.png
  • lion-(no-crown-cute).png
  • cute-zebra-1.png
  • tiny-dragon-2.png
  • dalmatian.png
  • water-spout.png
  • incy.png
  • marching-band.png
  • sheep-3.png
  • bo-peep-peeping.png
  • scots-guard.png
  • victorian-soldier.png
  • Recorder-Fingering-C-2.png
  • Recorder-Fingering-D-2.png
  • Recorder-Fingering-B-2.png
  • Recorder-Fingering-A-2.png
  • Recorder-Fingering-G-2.png

Recorder Stage 2 Resource Pack contains:
  • Recorder (Stage 2) Activity Book.pdf
  • Recorder (Stage 2) Adult Guidance.pdf
  • Recorder (Stage 2) Certificate.pdf
  • Recorder (Stage 2) Overview.pdf
  • Session 1/#Audio Tracks/Treble Clef Boogie Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 1/#Audio Tracks/Treble Clef Boogie Performance.mp3
  • Session 1/#Audio Tracks/Turkish March Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 1/#Audio Tracks/Turkish March Performance.mp3
  • Session 1/Recorder (Stage 2) - Session 1 Activity Sheets.pdf
  • Session 1/Recorder (Stage 2) - Session 1 Presentation.ppt
  • Session 1/Thumbs.db
  • Session 2/#Audio Tracks/Kangaroo and Tortoise Duet.mp3
  • Session 2/#Audio Tracks/Kangaroo Bounce Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 2/#Audio Tracks/Kangaroo Bounce Performance.mp3
  • Session 2/#Audio Tracks/The Slow Tortoise Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 2/#Audio Tracks/The Slow Tortoise Performance.mp3
  • Session 2/Recorder (Stage 2) - Session 2 Activity Sheets.pdf
  • Session 2/Recorder (Stage 2) - Session 2 Presentation.ppt
  • Session 2/Thumbs.db
  • Session 3/#Audio Tracks/
  • Session 3/#Audio Tracks/Come to the Circus Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 3/#Audio Tracks/Come to the Circus Performance.mp3
  • Session 3/#Audio Tracks/Curly Caterpillar Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 3/#Audio Tracks/Curly Caterpillar Performance.mp3
  • Session 3/Recorder (Stage 2) - Session 3 Activity Sheets.pdf
  • Session 3/Recorder (Stage 2) - Session 3 Presentation.ppt
  • Session 3/Thumbs.db
  • Session 4/#Audio Tracks/
  • Session 4/#Audio Tracks/African Safari Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 4/#Audio Tracks/African Safari Performance.mp3
  • Session 4/#Audio Tracks/Cheeky Charlie Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 4/#Audio Tracks/Cheeky Charlie Performance.mp3
  • Session 4/Recorder (Stage 2) - Session 4 Activity Sheets.pdf
  • Session 4/Recorder (Stage 2) - Session 4 Presentation.ppt
  • Session 4/Thumbs.db
  • Session 5/#Audio Tracks/
  • Session 5/#Audio Tracks/Dalmatian Dog Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 5/#Audio Tracks/Dalmatian Dog Performance.mp3
  • Session 5/#Audio Tracks/Dragon Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 5/#Audio Tracks/Dragon Performance.mp3
  • Session 5/#Audio Tracks/Incy Wincy Spider Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 5/#Audio Tracks/Incy Wincy Spider Performance.mp3
  • Session 5/Recorder (Stage 2) - Session 5 Activity Sheets.pdf
  • Session 5/Recorder (Stage 2) - Session 5 Presentation.ppt
  • Session 5/Thumbs.db
  • Session 6/#Audio Tracks/
  • Session 6/#Audio Tracks/Little Bo Peep Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 6/#Audio Tracks/Little Bo Peep Performance.mp3
  • Session 6/#Audio Tracks/The Grand Old Duke Of York Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 6/#Audio Tracks/The Grand Old Duke Of York Performance.mp3
  • Session 6/#Audio Tracks/When the Saints Go Marching In Demonstration.mp3
  • Session 6/#Audio Tracks/When the Saints Go Marching In Performance.mp3
  • Session 6/Recorder (Stage 2) - Session 6 Activity Sheets.pdf
  • Session 6/Recorder (Stage 2) - Session 6 Presentation.ppt
  • Session 6/Thumbs.db

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  • Homepage » Key Stage 2 » Subjects » Music » Performing and Composing » Recorders
  • Homepage » 2014 National Curriculum Resources » Music » Key Stage 2 » Play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using their voices and playing musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression
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