EYFS Phase 1 Aspect 1: Environmental Sounds Adult Input Planning and Resource Pack


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EYFS Aspect 1: Environmental Sounds Adult Input Planning and Resource Pack
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  • the file downloads but it says word cannot open it? x

    , Jul 24th
    • Hi jeneroi,

      Thanks for getting in touch! We're just looking into this for you and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! :)

      , Jul 24th
    • Hi there,
      We've had a look at this resource pack and the Word documents all seem to open correctly. Please ensure your file arching software is up to date, and that you are unzipping the files to your computer before opening them. For more information on this you can have a look at our handy FAQ page - http://www.twinkl.co.uk/help/common-problems/what-is-a-zip-file-and-how-do-i-open-it

      I hope this helps!

      , Jul 25th
  • hi , i am also unable to open zip file

    , Jul 24th
    • Hi butterflyhazel,
      Thanks for your comment and I’m sorry you’re having trouble opening this resource.

      These particular resources are contained within a ZIP pack which you’ll need to have up-to-date unzipping software to be able to access. Please take a look at our helpful FAQ page for further support with this:

      Please let me know if you're still having trouble. Have a lovely day! :)

      , Jul 24th
  • Hi I am unable to open this zip file there is an error please can you help.
    Thank You

    , Jun 19th
    • Hi Zysha2050,
      Thanks for commenting and I'm sorry you're having trouble downloading this resource.

      I've taken a look at this and it appears to download properly for me here. Please could you have a look at our FAQ page, have another try and let me know if you're still having trouble?
      This is a very large file which does take several minutes to download.
      Have a lovely day! :)

      , Jun 19th
A great pack containing plans for adult input activities which support teaching on aspect 1. Each detailed plan describes the adult role in easy-to-follow steps. They also contain a main learning intention, key questions and vocabulary, details of resources, differentiation, ideas for extension into continuous provision and opportunities for observation and assessment. Along with the plans, there are also some home learning challenge sheets so that learning can be continued at home. Everything you need to cover adult input activities for this theme in the early years!

    EYFS Phase 1 Aspect 1: Environmental Sounds Adult Input Planning and Resource Pack contains:
    • T-L-5620-General-Sound-Discrimination-Environmental-Sounds-Home-Learning-Challenge-Sheet-FS2.pdf
    • T-L-4555-School-Walk-and-Sound-Song/T-L-1321-Listening-Walk-Ear-Head-Bands.pdf
    • T-L-4555-School-Walk-and-Sound-Song/T-L-4554-School-Walk-Picture-Cards.pdf
    • T-L-4555-School-Walk-and-Sound-Song/T-L-4555-School-Walk-and-Sound-Song-EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-and-Resource-Pack.doc
    • T-L-4560-Sleeping-Giant-Listening-Game/Thumbs.db
    • T-L-4560-Sleeping-Giant-Listening-Game/T-L-4560-Sleeping-Giant-Listening-Game-EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-and-Resource-Pack.doc
    • T-L-4560-Sleeping-Giant-Listening-Game/T-T-20435-Sleeping-Giant-Mask.pdf
    • T-T-11819-Minibeasts-Describe-it-and-Find-it/Activity.pdf
    • T-T-11819-Minibeasts-Describe-it-and-Find-it/EYFS Adult Input Plan.doc
    • T-T-12419-Describe-it-and-Find-it-Under-the-Sea/Thumbs.db
    • T-T-12419-Describe-it-and-Find-it-Under-the-Sea/T-T-097-Under-the-sea-display-posters.pdf
    • T-T-12419-Describe-it-and-Find-it-Under-the-Sea/T-T-12419-Describe-it-and-Find-it-Under-the-Sea.doc
    • T-T-12513-Jungle-Describe-It-and-Find-It/Thumbs.db
    • T-T-12513-Jungle-Describe-It-and-Find-It/T-T-12513-Jungle-Describe-It-and-Find-It-EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-and-Resource-Pack.doc
    • T-T-12513-Jungle-Describe-It-and-Find-It/T-T-9936-Jungle-Flashcards.pdf
    • T-T-12834-Farm-Animal-Describe-it-and-Find-it/Thumbs.db
    • T-T-12834-Farm-Animal-Describe-it-and-Find-it/T-T-12834-Farm-Animal-Describe-it-and-Find-it-Adult-Led-Focus-Resource-Pack.doc
    • T-T-12834-Farm-Animal-Describe-it-and-Find-it/T-T-183-Farm-display-photos.pdf
    • T-T-13193-Transport-Describe-it-and-Find-it-Pack/Thumbs.db
    • T-T-13193-Transport-Describe-it-and-Find-it-Pack/T-M-143-Transport-Display-Photos.pdf
    • T-T-13193-Transport-Describe-it-and-Find-it-Pack/T-T-13193-Transport-Describe-it-and-Find-it-Adult-Led-Focus-Resource-Pack.doc
    • T-T-20636-Matching-Animal-Sounds/T-T-20255-On-The-Farm-Movement-Picture-Cards.pdf
    • T-T-20636-Matching-Animal-Sounds/T-T-20636-Matching-Animal-Sounds-EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-And-Resource-Pack.doc
    • T-T-20653-Noisy-Box-Game-Letters-And-Sounds/Noise-Makers-Pictures-Pack/
    • T-T-20653-Noisy-Box-Game-Letters-And-Sounds/Noise-Makers-Pictures-Pack/Noise-Makers-Picture-Cards.pdf
    • T-T-20653-Noisy-Box-Game-Letters-And-Sounds/Noise-Makers-Pictures-Pack/Noise-Makers-Picture-Cards-BW.pdf
    • T-T-20653-Noisy-Box-Game-Letters-And-Sounds/Noise-Makers-Pictures-Pack/Noisy-Box-Label.pdf
    • T-T-20653-Noisy-Box-Game-Letters-And-Sounds/Noise-Makers-Pictures-Pack/Noisy-Box-Label-BW.pdf
    • T-T-20653-Noisy-Box-Game-Letters-And-Sounds/T-T-20653-Noisy-Box-Game-Letters-And-Sounds.doc
    • T-T-20680-Pitter-Patter-Pictures/Resources/
    • T-T-20680-Pitter-Patter-Pictures/Resources/T-T-14299-I-Hear-Thunder-Story-Sequencing-Cards.pdf
    • T-T-20680-Pitter-Patter-Pictures/Resources/T-T-20679-Raindrop-Word-Cards.pdf
    • T-T-20680-Pitter-Patter-Pictures/T-T-20680-Pitter-Patter-Pictures-EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-And-Resource-Pack.doc
    • T-T-21435-A-Train-Journey-Adult-Input-Plan-Pack/Thumbs.db
    • T-T-21435-A-Train-Journey-Adult-Input-Plan-Pack/T-T-21434-Train-Journey-Picture-Cards.pdf
    • T-T-21435-A-Train-Journey-Adult-Input-Plan-Pack/T-T-21435-A-Train-Journey-Adult-Input-Plan-Pack.doc
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/House Template and Teddy Cut Out.pdf
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Alarm clock ringing.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Ball bouncing.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Bee buzzing.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Cat meow.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Clock ticking.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Computer keyboard typing.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Dog bark.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Fire burning.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Mixing bowl.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Rubber duck squeak.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Somebody snoring.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Telephone ring.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Toilet flush.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Toy car horn.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Water dripping.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Sound Files/Water splashing in the bath.wav
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Thumbs.db
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game.doc
    • T-T-21903-Wheres-Teddy-Listening-Game/Where's Teddy Sounds PowerPoint.ppt
    • T-T-22122-Superhero-Super-Listening/Thumbs.db
    • T-T-22122-Superhero-Super-Listening/T-T-16606-Superhero-Masks.pdf
    • T-T-22122-Superhero-Super-Listening/T-T-22122-Superhero-Super-Listening-EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan.doc
    • T-C-797-EYFS-Keys-Listening-Game.doc
    • T-L-4551-Hide-and-Seek-Listening-Game.doc
    • T-L-5625-General-Sound-Discrimination-Instrumental-Sounds-Home-Learning-Challenge-Sheet-FS1.pdf

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  • Homepage » Age 0 - 5 » Foundation Planning » EYFS Adult Input Plans » C&L and Literacy » DFE Letters and Sounds » Phase 1 » Aspect 1
  • Homepage » Age 0 - 5 » Foundation Planning » EYFS Adult Input Planning Packs » C&L and Literacy » DFE Letters and Sounds » Phase 1 » Aspect 1
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