PlanIt - Computing Year 2 - Computer Art Unit Pack


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PlanIt - Computing Year 2 - Computer Art Unit Pack - computer art, digital art, artists, painters, recreate, artwork, techniques, shape, colour, size, lines
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  • Twinkl

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  • I love the worksheets for pointillism and cubism lessons but would love similar worksheets for the mondrian and pop art lessons, just as additional visual cues. Thank you. 

    , Apr 10th
    • Good morning lolli-pop,

      We're grateful for all the lovely requests we receive here at Twinkl HQ! Our resource creation team will look into creating something like this in future and will be in touch to let you know if this is possible! Have a lovely day :)

      , Apr 10th
This unit introduces KS1 children to using Computers to produce Digital Art. Children will learn about a range of artists and painting techniques, which they will recreate using Microsoft Paint (or equivalent). They will build up their knowledge and skills to create a final work of Computer Art by selecting and applying the techniques they have learnt.
PlanIt - Computing Year 2 - Computer Art Unit Pack contains:
  • Additional-Resources/Challenge Cards/
  • Additional-Resources/Challenge Cards/Challenge Cards.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Challenge Cards/Challenge Cards-Editable.doc
  • Additional-Resources/Display Banner/
  • Additional-Resources/Display Banner/Display Banner.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Banner/Display Banner-Cursive.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Banner/Display Banner-Precursive.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Borders/
  • Additional-Resources/Display Borders/Display Borders.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Borders/Display Borders-A4.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Lettering/
  • Additional-Resources/Display Lettering/Display Lettering.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Poster/
  • Additional-Resources/Display Poster/Display Poster.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Poster/Display Poster-2xA3.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Poster/Display Poster-2xA4.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Poster/Display Poster-4xA4.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Poster/Display Poster-A3.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Posters/
  • Additional-Resources/Display Posters/Display Posters.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Posters/Display Posters-Cursive.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Display Posters/Display Posters-Precursive.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Fact Cards/
  • Additional-Resources/Fact Cards/Fact Cards.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Fact Cards/Fact Cards-Editable.doc
  • Additional-Resources/Fact Cards/Thumbs.db
  • Additional-Resources/Page Borders/
  • Additional-Resources/Page Borders/Page Borders.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Page Borders/Page Borders-Editable.doc
  • Additional-Resources/Page Borders/Page Borders-Fully lined.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Page Borders/Page Borders-Half Lined.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Page Borders/Page Borders-Lined.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Page Borders/Page Borders-Narrow Lined.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Word Cards/
  • Additional-Resources/Word Cards/Word Cards.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Word Cards/Word Cards-Cursive.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Word Cards/Word Cards-Precursive.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Word Grid/
  • Additional-Resources/Word Grid/Word Grid.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Word Grid/Word Grid-Cursive.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Word Grid/Word Grid-Precursive.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Word Mat/
  • Additional-Resources/Word Mat/Word Mat.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Word Mat/Word Mat-Cursive.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Word Mat/Word Mat-Precursive.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Word Search/
  • Additional-Resources/Word Search/Thumbs.db
  • Additional-Resources/Word Search/Word Search.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Writing Frames/
  • Additional-Resources/Writing Frames/Writing Frames.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Writing Frames/Writing Frames-Blank.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Writing Frames/Writing Frames-Colour-Blank.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Writing Frames/Writing Frames-Colour-Editable.doc
  • Additional-Resources/Writing Frames/Writing Frames-Colour-Fully-Lined.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Writing Frames/Writing Frames-Colour-Lined.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Writing Frames/Writing Frames-Colour-Narrow-Lined.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Writing Frames/Writing Frames-Editable.doc
  • Additional-Resources/Writing Frames/Writing Frames-Fully-Lined.pdf
  • Additional-Resources/Writing Frames/Writing Frames-Narrow-Lined.pdf
  • Assessment/Assessment Spreadsheet.xlsx
  • Assessment/Jigsaw Targets.pdf
  • Assessment/KWL Grid.pdf
  • Home-Learning-Tasks/Activity Sheet Copy Cat.pdf
  • Home-Learning-Tasks/Activity Sheet Find Me A Photo/
  • Home-Learning-Tasks/Activity Sheet Find Me A Photo/Activity Sheet Find Me A Photo Colour.pdf
  • Home-Learning-Tasks/Activity Sheet Find Me A Photo/Activity Sheet Find Me A Photo.pdf
  • Lesson-1-Pixel-Pointillism/#Lesson Plan Pixel Pointillism.pdf
  • Lesson-1-Pixel-Pointillism/#Lesson Presentation.ppt
  • Lesson-1-Pixel-Pointillism/#Success Criteria Grid.pdf
  • Lesson-1-Pixel-Pointillism/Activity Sheet Recreate Pointillism.pdf
  • Lesson-1-Pixel-Pointillism/Thumbs.db
  • Lesson-2-Mastering-Mondrian/#Lesson Plan Mastering-Mondrian.pdf
  • Lesson-2-Mastering-Mondrian/#Lesson Presentation.ppt
  • Lesson-2-Mastering-Mondrian/#Success Criteria Grid.pdf
  • Lesson-2-Mastering-Mondrian/Thumbs.db
  • Lesson-3-Producing-Picasso/#Lesson Plan Producing Picasso.pdf
  • Lesson-3-Producing-Picasso/#Success Criteria Grid.pdf
  • Lesson-3-Producing-Picasso/Activity Sheet Cubism.pdf
  • Lesson-3-Producing-Picasso/Lesson Presentation.ppt
  • Lesson-3-Producing-Picasso/Thumbs.db
  • Lesson-4-Colour-Coding/#Lesson Plan Colour Coding.pdf
  • Lesson-4-Colour-Coding/#Success Criteria Grid.pdf
  • Lesson-4-Colour-Coding/Activity Sheet Shading/
  • Lesson-4-Colour-Coding/Activity Sheet Shading/Activity Sheet Shading LA 2.png
  • Lesson-4-Colour-Coding/Activity Sheet Shading/Activity Sheet Shading LA.png
  • Lesson-4-Colour-Coding/Activity Sheet Shading/Activity Sheet Shading MA 2.png
  • Lesson-4-Colour-Coding/Activity Sheet Shading/Activity Sheet Shading MA.png
  • Lesson-4-Colour-Coding/Activity Sheet Shading/Thumbs.db
  • Lesson-4-Colour-Coding/Thumbs.db
  • Lesson-5- PC-Pop-Art/#Lesson Plan PC Pop Art.pdf
  • Lesson-5- PC-Pop-Art/#Success Criteria Grid.pdf
  • Lesson-5- PC-Pop-Art/Lesson Presentation.ppt
  • Lesson-5- PC-Pop-Art/Thumbs.db
  • Lesson-6-Creating-a-Masterpiece/#Lesson Plan.pdf
  • Lesson-6-Creating-a-Masterpiece/#Lesson Presentation.ppt
  • Lesson-6-Creating-a-Masterpiece/#Success Criteria Grid.pdf
  • Lesson-6-Creating-a-Masterpiece/Activity Sheet Rave Reviews.pdf
  • Lesson-6-Creating-a-Masterpiece/Thumbs.db
  • #PlanIt Assessment Guidance.pdf
  • #PlanIt User Guide.pdf
  • #Unit Overview.pdf
  • Lesson-4-Colour-Coding/Lesson Presentation.ppt

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