PlanIt - French Year 4 - All Around Town Lesson 1: Where Do You Live? Lesson Pack


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PlanIt - French Year 4 - All Around Town Lesson 1: Where Do You Live? Lesson Pack - french, languages, cities, culture, France
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  • I have do not have an old version of powerpoint.  I have followed the intstructions exactly. I have no sound?  Say the file extension does not exist. Having a panic 

    , Jun 6th
    • Good afternoon Suzisooz!
      I've double checked this resource and the sound works fine for me here. Please could you double check that sound is working fine for you when using other resources/websites? I would also recommend right clicking on the pink download button and then save the resource onto your desktop. If you then go to your desktop, you can right click on the folder and select "Extract all". That can sometimes help fix issues. It could also help to make sure you've clicked on "Enable editing". If you do still seem to be experiencing any issues with this, please send us an email using this link with a screenshot of what's happening: We'd be happy to look into it further :)

      , Jun 6th
  • Sound still not working! Have tried all steps mentioned in other posts - very disappointing

    , May 3rd
    • Hi elhay0808,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch! It's lovely to hear from you :) I am so sorry you are having issues with this - I am going to get this resource looked at again to make sure that it is working as it should. Thanks for your patience :)

      , May 3rd
  • Resource looks great, but the sound files in the ppt do not work :(

    , Feb 21st
    • Good afternoon repreecedawson,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch! It's lovely to hear from you :) Have you tried the advice my colleagues have suggested previously? Did this not work? We are going to get this resource checked out to ensure all sounds are working correctly.Check out this link for further help with sound: :)

      , Feb 21st
    • Hi there repreecedawson,
      Thank you for spotting this mistake! Our lovely teacher and design teams have solved the issue and the new version is now available to download. I hope you like it!

      , Feb 23rd
  • Still no sound.

    , Nov 15th
    • Good afternoon hill04,
      Thanks for getting in touch! We're just looking into this for you and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! :)

      , Nov 15th
    • Hi
      Im finding it very frustrating as this topic is in my planning and there as been no sound now for over 2 months. Ive deleted all downloads and downloaded again and still no sound !

      , Dec 13th
    • Hi hill04,
      Thanks for your comment and I’m sorry you’re having a few difficulties with this PowerPoint.
      To enable our lovely PowerPoints to work properly for you, please make sure that you have selected 'Enable Editing' if this is displayed as an option. Any animations, links or other special features will work best when the PowerPoint is viewed as a Slideshow. To do this, simply click on the Slideshow tab and select 'View from beginning'.
      I hope this helps - if you need further guidance please get back in touch and we'll find a solution for you! :)

      , Dec 13th
    • I always click enable editing and always select slideshow. Still no sound.

      , Dec 15th
    • Hi there,
      I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with this PowerPoint. Our lovely resource creation team have tested the resource on both Windows and Mac OSX operating systems and the sound files all appear to be functioning as intended. Please ensure you have extracted both the PowerPoint file and the sound file folders to the same location on your computer before attempting to play the slideshow. You will also need to 'enable editing' if prompted.

      I hope this helps!

      , Dec 15th
  • I have just downloaded this resource and the sound files are still not attached!!

    , Oct 30th
    • Hi Yorkshire123,
      I am really sorry to hear about this mistake, and I apologise if it has caused you any trouble. It will be changed shortly!

      , Oct 30th
    • Hi there,
      I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with the sound files in this PowerPoint - our lovely resource creation team have downloaded it and tested and it seems to be working correctly. Please ensure you have extracted the sound files and the PowerPoint file out of the ZIP pack to your computer before viewing. I hope this helps!

      , Oct 31st
  • Great resource but none of the sound files are attached so having to do it manually.

    , Sep 11th
    • Hi gaharrison,
      I am really sorry to hear about this mistake, and I apologise if it has caused you any trouble. It will be changed shortly!

      , Sep 11th
Fly around France and visit some of its most famous cities and sights. Children can explore and discuss the French cities and how they compare to their home town.
PlanIt - French Year 4 - All Around Town Lesson 1: Where Do You Live? Lesson Pack contains:
  • #Lesson Plan.pdf
  • #Overview.pdf
  • #PlanIt User Guide.pdf
  • #Sound Files/36 J habite a Paris_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Asseyez-vous_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Bonjour_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Bordeaux_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/C est ou ca_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Et moi j habite a Nantes_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/J habite a Bordeaux_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/J habite a Lille_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/J habite a Lyon_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/J habite a Marseille_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/J habite a Montpellier_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/J habite a Nantes_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/J habite a Nice_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/J habite a Paris_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/J habite a Strasbourg_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/J habite a Toulouse_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/J habite a_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Lille_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Lyon_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Marseille_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Moi j habite a Toulouse_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Montpellier_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Nantes_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Nice_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Ou habites tu_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Paris_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Strasbourg_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Toulouse_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Voici Bordeaux_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Voici Lille_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Voici Lyon_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Voici Marseille_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Voici Montpellier_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Voici Nantes_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Voici Nice_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Voici Paris_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Voici Strasbourg_1.wav
  • #Sound Files/Voici Toulouse_1.wav
  • #Success Criteria Grids.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Bordeaux/-2xA4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Bordeaux/A3.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Bordeaux/-A4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Bordeaux/-A4-Individual.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Bordeaux/-A5.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Lille/-2xA4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Lille/A3.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Lille/-A4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Lille/-A4-Individual.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Lille/-A5.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Lyon/-2xA4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Lyon/A3.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Lyon/-A4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Lyon/A4-Individual.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Lyon/-A5.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Marseille/-2xA4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Marseille/A3.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Marseille/-A4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Marseille/-A4-Individual.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Marseille/-A5.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Montpellier/-2xA4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Montpellier/A3.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Montpellier/-A4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Montpellier/-A4-Individual.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Montpellier/-A5.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Nantes/-2xA4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Nantes/A3.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Nantes/-A4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Nantes/-A4-Individual.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Nantes/-A5.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Nice/-2xA4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Nice/A3.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Nice/-A4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Nice/-A4-Individual.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Nice/-A5.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Paris/-2xA4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Paris/A3.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Paris/-A4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Paris/-A4-Individual.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Paris/-A5.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Strasbourg/-2xA4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Strasbourg/A3.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Strasbourg/-A4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Strasbourg/-A4-Individual.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Strasbourg/-A5.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Toulouse/-2xA4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Toulouse/A3.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Toulouse/-A4.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Toulouse/-A4-Individual.pdf
  • French Cities Photo Pack/Toulouse/-A5.pdf
  • French City Name Cards/French City Name Cards.pdf
  • French City Name Cards/French City Name Cards-Cursive.pdf
  • Lesson Presentation.ppt
  • Letter String Word Fan.pdf
  • Sound Match Vocabulary Cards/Sound Match Vocabulary Cards.pdf
  • Sound Match Vocabulary Cards/Sound Match Vocabulary Cards-Cursive.pdf

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