Science: Earth and Space: Geocentric Vs Heliocentric Year 5 Lesson Pack 3

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Science: Earth and Space: Geocentric Vs Heliocentric Year 5 Lesson Pack 3

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  • The videos don't work!

    , 5 days ago
    • Hi katilda80,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this. I'll get this resource checked right away!
      Have a lovely day :)

      , 5 days ago
  • Cant view! The following message appears "Windows cannot complete the extraction. The destination path is too long. Rename the Compressed (Zipped) folder and try again."

    , Aug 10th
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      , Aug 10th
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    , May 11th
  • I have just downloaded the flipchart version and I too can't access the videos. 

    , May 10th
    • Hi debsadler1,
      Thanks for letting us know about this issue. I have checked this resource again and it seems to be working, but I can see that a few of our customers have reported having issues with it before. I will send it over to our lovely design team, who can take a thorough look. They will be in touch with you soon. Have a lovely day :)

      , May 10th
    • Hi there debsadler1,
      Thank you for spotting this mistake! Our lovely teacher and design teams have solved the issue and the new version is now available to download. I hope you like it!

      , May 11th
  • Like the others on this thread, I have also noticed that links to videos are not working. Will this be changed?

    , Jan 12th
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      , Jan 12th
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      , Jan 12th
  • The videos are not working and I tried all the steps!

    , Oct 26th
    • Hi kerrydonovan14,
      Thank you for commenting! I'm sorry you are having trouble with thise resource. Can I ask what happens with the videos? Do they just not appear when using the resource?

      , Oct 26th
    • I am having the same issue! The resources are fantastic apart from that. Could you post the links on here if possible?

      , Oct 26th
    • Hi c.perry,
      I was really sorry to hear about this mistake, and I apologise if it has caused you any trouble. It will be changed shortly!

      , Oct 26th
  • Such a fantastic resource! Once again Twinkl you have saved me hours! One problem I have had though is being able to get the video links in the presentation to work. Is there any chance that these could be fixed please?

    , Aug 26th
This lesson explores the change from a geocentric to a heliocentric model of planetary motion. Children will role play the main characters in this story of changing scientific ideas.
Science: Earth and Space: Geocentric Vs Heliocentric Year 5 Lesson Pack 3 contains:
  • #Adult Guidance Geocentric Versus Heliocentric.pdf
  • #Lesson Plan Geocentric Versus Heliocentric.pdf
  • #Lesson Presentation Geocentric Versus Heliocentric.ppt
  • #Lesson Presentation Geocentric Versus Heliocentric.pptx
  • #PlanIt User Guide.pdf
  • #Success Criteria Grids Geocentric Versus Heliocentric.pdf
  • #Unit Overview.pdf
  • Activity Sheet Geocentric Versus Heliocentric Character - Black and White.pdf
  • Activity Sheet Geocentric Versus Heliocentric Character.pdf
  • Activity Sheet Geocentric Versus Heliocentric Story.pdf
  • Activity Sheet Great Scientists Mini-Biography.pdf
  • Activity Sheet Planetary Model/Aristotles Planetary Model.pdf
  • Activity Sheet Planetary Model/Copernicus Planetary Model.pdf
  • Activity Sheet Planetary Model/Keplers Planetary Model.pdf
  • Activity Sheet Planetary Model/Ptolemys Planetary Model.pdf
  • Activity Sheet Planetary Model/Tusi Couple Model.pdf
  • Activity Sheet Planetary Model/Tycho Brahes Planetary Model.pdf
  • Character Masks/Geocentric Versus Heliocentric Character Masks.pdf
  • Galileos Telescope Paper Model/T-T-20447-Galileos Telescope Paper Model Activity.pdf
  • Galileos Telescope Paper Model/T-T-20447A-Galileos Telescope Paper Model Activity-Colourless.pdf
  • Galileos Telescope Paper Model/T-T-20447B-Galileos Telescope Paper Model Activity-Line-Art.pdf
  • Galileos Telescope Paper Model/T-T-20447C-Galileos Telescope Paper Model Activity-Blank.pdf
  • Galileos Telescope Paper Model/T-T-20447D-Galileos Telescope Paper Model Activity-Small.pdf
  • Galileos Telescope Paper Model/T-T-20447E-Galileos Telescope Paper Model Activity-Small-Colourless.pdf
  • Galileos Telescope Paper Model/T-T-20447F-Galileos Telescope Paper Model Activity-Small-Line-Art.pdf
  • Galileos Telescope Paper Model/T-T-20447G-Galileos Telescope Paper Model Activity-Small-Blank.pdf
  • Videos for Presentation/
  • Videos for Presentation/cartoon geocentric solar system-SD.mp4
  • Videos for Presentation/cartoon heliocentric solar system-SD.mp4

This resource is available in Standard, Flipchart and Notebook.
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