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23 Mar '17

Easter Themed Cutting Skills

This is a guest post from Emma who blogs over at Adventures and Play.

Being able to use scissors is a complex skill that is developed over time. Cutting develops the tiny muscles in the hands which are also used for writing, painting and even putting on your clothes. Cutting also enhances hand eye coordination and bilateral coordination as each hand is required to perform a different task.

With Easter rapidly approaching I wanted to put some Twinkl Easter themed resources to the test. I wanted to try out three activities that focused on cutting skills. These activities are suitable for three different age ranges - Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

Easter Themed Cutting Skills Worksheets

Learning to cut out basically involves 2 different skills - mastering the open/close motion of the scissors and the art of cutting along a line. These Easter Themed Cutting Skills activities are suitable for Pre-School and Foundation Stage children as they work on both skill sets.

Easter Themed Cutting Skills

The simple themed shapes will help younger children focus on using the correct hand position whilst getting immediate results. Ensure that their thumb is pointing to the ceiling and encourage them to hold the paper off the table with the assistant hand. We used our shape cutouts to decorate a Easter picture. You could extend the activity by using the Easter Egg Themed Cutting Skills Activity Sheets.

Cutting Skills Easter Bunny Easter Bunny Cutting Skills

This simple Easter Bunny craft tested my 4 year olds cutting skills. It was a craft he could complete independently (obviously with supervision) and he loved the end result.

Unfortunately I didn’t print the sheet onto white card as suggested. The stiffness of the card would have made the activity easier. However, my son persisted in cutting out the circle and then the bunny ears.

Easter Themed Cutting Skills

The Easter bunny craft did not require any glue to attach the ears.

Easter Themed Cutting Skills

3D Easter Wreath Decoration Easter Wreath Cutting Skills

This paper craft is suitable for older children or could be made by an adult to decorate a classroom or role play area. Although the design looks complex, my ten year old nephew was able to make the Easter Wreath independently.

The instructions provided on the printable were easy to follow. My nephew had to cut and fold the paper to create the wreath. He used glue to secure the tabs in place.

Easter Wreath Cutting Skills

The printable comes in different formats. Children can colour in the wreath or even design their own Easter Wreath.

Easter Wreath Cutting Skills

Twinkl has a wide range of Easter themed activities to help develop fine motor skills. Take a look at the Easter Pencil Control and Scissor Skills Resource Pack which contains several themed fine motor skills resources. From Easter Egg shaped mazes, Chicken cutting and numerous playdough mats there are many activities to get your little ones scribbling and snipping away.

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