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10 Aug '15

Easy DIY Story Stones!

Over in our Facebook groups, everyone is going crazy about story stones! Story stones can be used for a variety of purposes, including story telling, as story starters, for talking about feelings or even adapted into phonics aids with different letter sounds on each one! I've heard about loads of different ways to make these including using nail varnish and acylics, but we thought it might be nice to simply print off some of our designs rather than drawing your own (I for one would not make a good job of drawing on those stones!).

How to make your own Twinkl story stones

1) Find some suitable sizes pebbles/stones in your local area, or buy them in a DIY/gardening shop - please do not pick them off the beach!

2) Wash the stones in water and a little bit of hand soap then leave to dry.

3) Now is where the fun begins! We have NEW Story Stone Image Cut Outs! Choose from:-

4) Print and cut each picture out and stick onto the correct sized stone. Instructions for making the stones are included on the resource.

5) Cover with glue top coat or similar (you can use Mod Podge again to varnish) to seal - you may need several coats of this to prevent the paper coming off.

How else would you use story stones in your setting or home?

Remember to follow the rules of your setting when it comes to glue and nail varnish. Also it may be preferable to buy pebbles rather than collecting stones yourself for health and safety purposes.


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