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22 Mar '17

Mother’s Day Flower Card

This is a guest post from Emma who blogs over at Adventures and Play.

Spring term seems to come and go in a flash. With so many themed activities in a short space of time it is understandable how some important dates can slip by. Take for example Mother’s Day. I vividly remember the year I almost forgot Mother’s Day. It was my NQT year. I was eating my lunch on a Friday feeling pleased with how the week had gone. My mind wandered to what I was doing over the weekend. I was seeing my Mum on the Sunday for Mother’s Day… Mother’s Day! I had completely forgotten my class hadn’t made Mother’s Day cards. I needed a card that my Foundation Stage/ Key Stage One class could make quickly, didn’t require any drying time and was personalised. Despite a frantic afternoon, I am pleased to say that my class rose to the challenge and they all went home with a Mother’s Day Card.

That scenario has never left me and as a result I am always drawn to resources that could help ease any last minute Mother’s Day card panic. This Flower Photo Card requires minimal drying time and is ideal for creating quick and easy cards.

Resources Needed To Make A Mother’s Day Flower Card


  • Download and print the A5 Flower Photo Instructions
  • Scissors
  • A4 white card
  • Cupcake or bun cases - we used pastel colours
  • Pritt Stick Glue
  • Photograph of a child (wallet size)
  • Watercolour paint (optional)


Mother’s Day Flower Card

How To Make A Mother’s Day Flower Card

1. Cut out the A5 background - one per child.

2. Fold A4 white card in half and use Pritt Stick Glue to attach the A5 background onto the card.

Mother’s Day Flower Card

3. Glue a cupcake or bun case onto the card where indicated to represent the flower head.

Mother’s Day Flower Card

4. Print out an image of the child. Use a spare cupcake case base to draw around and cut out the photograph.

5. Glue the photograph into the middle of the cupcake case.

Mother’s Day Photo Flower Card

6. Write inside the card.

There are a number of Mother’s Day borders available to use as a card insert. Why not use the “I love my Mum because…” border in the inside of the card. We opted to print and use the Mother’s Day Song inside our card.

Mother’s Day Flower Card Insert

If you are not short on time then why not decorate a white cupcake or bun case. We experimented using watercolour paints. These paints do not soak through the thin paper and dry very quickly. With one card we tried a single cupcake case painted using purple watercolours.

Mother’s Day Photo Flower Card

For another card we tried painting two cupcake cases in different shades of pink and then added them both to the card. This created a two tone flower.

Home Made Mother’s Day Flower Card

As the term “Mother’s Day” does not appear on the front of the card the same method could be used for a variety of different people or occasions. The card could be written out to Step-Mums, Grandmothers or Aunts to celebrate Mother’s Day or even used as birthday or thank you cards throughout the year.

Mother’s Day Photo Flower Card

If you are looking for further Mother’s Day inspiration take a look at these three easy to make Mother's Day Gifts.

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