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6 Mar '17

Mother's Day Gifts Perfect to Make in Your Classroom

Mothering Sunday, or Mother’s Day, is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. It is a day where we can show appreciation towards mothers and mother figures. Twinkl has a wide range of resources to help you celebrate this special day. A great starting point is the EYFS All About Mother's Day PowerPoint which is a simple informative presentation to help children learn about how and why we celebrate Mother's Day alongside learning a bit of history and geography about the day.

We have put three Twinkl Mother’s Day resources to the test. They could be used within a classroom setting and taken home as gifts for your little ones to let their mums know how special they are.

Mother's Day Daffodil Bouquet

For centuries Mothering Sunday was a time for people to return home to their ‘mother’ church in the middle of Lent. Those who did so were said to have gone ‘a-mothering’. Many people would pick flowers from the verges along the way to leave in the church or hand to their mothers when they got home. As a result daffodils are frequently linked to Mother’s Day. In a few easy steps you can make a Mother’s Day Daffodil Bouquet using the printed template.

Daffodil Instructions

We opted to use oil pastels to colour in the daffodils and the bow. The crayons gave a bold yellow finish to the flowers. We followed the simple pictorial instructions to make the bouquet. I love the fact that you do not need scissors to complete this craft.

Daffodil Colouring

Simply make three folds in the paper to create the bouquet. My four year old son loved being able to make the craft independently. There is also a flower bouquet available if your child wishes to use a variety of different colours.

Mother's Day Daffodil Bouquet

Mother's Day Heart Pocket

Sending a heartfelt message on Mother’s Day is easy with this Mother’s Day Heart Pocket.

Pocket Instructions

My son used Scentos - scented felt tip pens to decorate the heart template. He chose the smells that reminded him of me - strawberry, orange, watermelon and blueberry. The scented felt tips added a sensory element to this simple craft. With a little assistance he cut out the heart and added glue to the tab to make a pocket.

Scented Pocket

With the heart shaped pocket ready my son then chose which accompanying slip to complete. The slips come with the message “I love my mum because….” and there is a choice of images - a present, two types of flower and a cup of tea. My son knows how much I love my cup of tea in the morning so chose that slip. My husband supervised as he wrote me a message, folded it in half and then placed it in the heart pocket. I am looking forward to Mother’s Day when I can read my message.

Mother's Day Heart Pocket

Mother's Day Spin Wheel Card

Sometimes one message just isn’t enough. This Mother’s Day Spin Wheel Card allows a child to write ten messages to their Mum.

Mother’s Spin

The bottom wheel has ten sections for a child to write something about their mum that finishes the sentence “You are…”. Words such as lovely, silly, funny, caring, my friend, are included as examples. My husband scribed all the statements that my son wanted to use.

Mother Messages

My son then raided his sticker collection to decorate the top wheel. He found stickers that reminded him of me. He also used watercolour paints to cover any remaining space. After cutting out the two wheels we attached them to card to make the wheel more sturdy. I then put a split pin through the centre of the wheel.

Mother's Day Wheel Card

To view the messages you simply turn the bottom wheel. This would be a great independent task for an older child and a brilliant alternative to the traditional Mother’s Day card.

Mother's Day Spin Wheel

Twinkl has plenty of other Mother’s Day inspired crafts, activities and cross curriculum opportunities. Their resources include song ideas, writing borders, certificates, printable badges and even Mother’s Day bunting!

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