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29 Mar '17

Twinkl Go Code Hunter Easter Treasure Hunt

This is a guest post from Emma who blogs over at Adventures and Play.

Since being introduced to Twinkl Go resources we just can’t get enough of Code Hunters. These activities use QR codes to reveal additional information. A QR code is a barcode that can be read using any QR reader app on a mobile device or tablet. So far we have tried the Minibeasts Home Code Hunter and even created our own QR codes for Kindness Week. Code Hunters are a fantastic way of using technology within the classroom.

With Easter around the corner I wanted to explore the Easter Treasure Hunt Code Hunter. This fun resource would be ideal for both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two to access learning related to the Easter story.

Twinkl Go Code Easter Treasure Hunt

To set up the Easter Treasure Hunt Code Hunter simply download and print the resources, cut them out and place the cards around the classroom or even outside. Download a free QR reader app onto a mobile device or tablet.

Each code hunter card has a small picture related to the question. Questions vary from completing a sentence to answering what am I/who is it? There are thirteen questions in total.

Twinkl Go Code Easter Treasure Hunt

Children can read the clue on each card and write down their answer on the handy Code Hunter Recording Sheet. After answering each question they can scan the QR code with their mobile device or tablet to reveal the correct answer and discover if they were correct or not.

Twinkl Go Code Easter Treasure Hunt

I tried the activity with my son who is in Foundation Stage. I adapted it slightly to suit his needs. I let him choose a code hunter card at random which meant his answers did not tally with the correct order. With assistance my son read the question, we discussed the possible answer together and then used my iphone to scan the QR code to discover the answer. He then copied down the answer on the Recording Sheet that the QR reader displayed. Despite the small adaptation, my son enjoyed using technology to reveal the answer. He was able to use the technology independently and was keen to keep going to complete all thirteen questions.

Twinkl Go Code Easter Treasure Hunt

The Easter Treasure Hunt Code Hunter would be a great activity to do at the end of an Easter story topic. Not only is it a fun activity that incorporates technology and Religious Education but it provides a valuable assessment opportunity. The activity could accompany any of the Twinkl Easter Story resources such as the Easter Story Discover and Learn Display Pack. Be sure to check out the other Twinkl Go resources available.

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