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13 Mar '17

Welcome to Twinkl Secondary...

This is a blog post written by our Secondary Teacher Adviser Katy Vella.

There's a light twinkling at the end of the tunnel for secondary teachers too...

Twinkl has long been known as the 'go to' place for superb, reliable Early Years and Primary resources and it's something that has often been used and recommended to colleagues that teach in younger years. However, secondary teachers that knew about Twinkl were thrilled when we began to produce excellent secondary content too. However, many teachers still don't know that Twinkl offer this and indeed are missing out on the fantastic secondary resources available. As with all Twinkl resources, the quality and presentation are incomparable.

Everything used by teachers in the classroom so far seems to have exceeded expectations in terms of its quality and content. The children have responded well to the professional graphics and clearly organised PowerPoints.  They are brilliant for achieving clearly structured lessons and are not so prescriptive that you lose any sense of 'self' or personality - everything can be adapted and added to. Teachers love that so many of them are editable or provide alternative versions so that you can differentiate easily. There's something available for just about every subject and some super activities to use in form/tutor time too - especially those ten minutes when you need something purposeful to fill the gap.  Many also really like how they link curricular activities to events, days and seasons.

In the short time that it has taken to write this blog even more resources have been added. Twinkl secondary, it seems, is blossoming.  There is a whole host of resources available for KS3 and 4 - and even lots of new material for the new type GCSEs for various examination boards.  Secondary teachers, who have been pleasantly surprised by what is available, have recently reviewed some of these fantastic resources on Twitter blogs.

The great thing is that, as secondary is expanding so quickly, Twinkl have been able to respond directly to resources requests and discussions from social media, saving secondary teachers all over the country time, effort and grey hairs as they desperately try to keep up with curriculum changes. One such teacher recently wrote on the secondary English Facebook page, 'You lot are blinking ace - the little worker bees in the background, stopping us from having breakdowns. My membership fee has been paid many times over this year and saved me from being a snivelling, gibbering wreck.' It appears that a secondary resources superhero has just loomed on the horizon, and just in time too, as research shows that workload and teacher retention are becoming more and more difficult. 

There are various social media groups to support Twinkl secondary teachers. You can find them on Facebook with Twinkl secondary groups for English, maths, science and MFL as well as a KS3/4 Teaching group. And you should follow them on Twitter @TwinklEnglish and @TwinklMaths for the latest resource updates, memes and general secondary teaching love! If you're a secondary teacher, get involved and if you're a primary teacher do let your secondary teacher colleagues know we exist and are here to help them as well!


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