Mrs Armitage On Wheels

Suggested by Laura Aug 22nd

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  • Jul 8th

    I am hoping to use this book in Nursery next week, as the Tour de France really gets going. We are going to dance to 'I want to ride my bicycle' we are going to weave ribbon through wheels, count bicycles in bike racks,paint pictures and of course, get the bikes out to play on!

  • Jan 25th

    Hi there julieeln! Sorry for any confusion caused by the search results for this book. They key words aren't meant to suggest that we have resources for this book, they are just key words that relate to our site :) I will be sure to take your comment into consideration though and see if we can make this more clear. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • Jan 21st

    Why do you say you have resources for this, when you do not?