Twinkl Quality Standard

The Twinkl Quality Standard Approved Mark gives you peace of mind and teaching materials you know you can trust.

Whenever you see the standard on our materials, or those of our partners, it means it's been checked, and triple checked for...


Qualified teacher experts create and advise on all our teaching materials and that means you can be sure that we've gone to great lengths to check that it's error free and factually correct.


We make new teaching materials every single day, so you know that whatever you see is up to date and relevant.


Our materials are tried and tested by teachers to ensure they are fit for purpose so you can be confident they'll go down a storm in your setting.


Our materials have children in mind, and that's clear from our design. We use fonts that have been specifically designed for early (and later) readers and choose colour schemes that we know are the most engaging for children.

Twinkl Quality Standard