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Year 1 Reading Assessments Pack - year 1, reading, assessment, pack
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  • These are fantastic, I am able to use these to assess a Kindy student who reads very well but still struggles to write. Thank you.

    , Sep 13th
    • Hi Chantelleoc,
      It's always lovely to hear that people like our resources. Thank you so much for letting us know! :)

      , Sep 13th
  • , rated this resource Jun 18th
  • Hi, there are two papers in each section, do you need to give the children both of them, a total of 4 papers? The guidelines are not very clear. Thank Kate

    , May 17th
    • Hi there,
      I am sorry that the instructions do not give you all the information that you need. These papers are not designed to give children a level but to highlight gaps in their learning. Therefore you can give them these papers as you wish. They do not need to be done together. I hope this helps :)

      , May 17th
  • I am new to year 1. Would the children read the text or the adult?

    , Oct 19th
    • Hey there,
      Thanks for commenting.
      As this is a reading test, the children would be expected to read the text themselves.
      I hope this helps but please let me know if I can help you further.

      Have a lovely evening! :)

      , Oct 19th
    • Thank you

      , Oct 19th
    • Hi lisadavis1986,
      You're very welcome, glad we could help! :)

      , Oct 19th
  • Is there a spreadsheet for Year 1 term 3 - Submarines and Twinkle, Twinkle little star?. I have found a Year 1 term 3 spreadsheet but it is titled Landmarks of the World. Can you advise me. Many thanks

    , Jul 5th
  • Sorry but when I download this it doesn't have the actual reading booklets, just the answer booklets. Many thanks, sam

    , Jun 20th
    • Hi snewcombe1703,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll get this corrected right away!

      , Jun 20th
    • Hi there,
      The longer texts in this pack have separate reading booklets, however the shorter texts have combined reading and answer booklets. I hope this clears up some confusion and you find these assessments useful!

      , Jun 20th
  • I use these for my SEN children in Year 3 as guided reading texts!

    , May 12th
  • guided reading with child with eal in y3

    , Apr 24th
  • For Guided Reading with Y3 children of lower reading age.

    , Apr 11th
Year 1 Reading Assessment Pack based on the new National Curriculum and current sample Key Stage 1 test papers. This pack includes texts, answer booklets, mark schemes and content domain coverage. The tests are perfect for identifying learning gaps and can be used as a diagnostic or summative assessment tool.
Year 1 Reading Assessments Pack contains:
  • T-L-5340-Guidance-on-Using-the-Assessments-KS1.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 1/
  • Term 1/Paper 1/Big Cat Facts/
  • Term 1/Paper 1/Big Cat Facts/T-L-5314-Reading-and-Answer-Booklet-Big-Cat-Facts.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 1/Big Cat Facts/T-L-5315-Mark-Scheme-Big-Cat-Facts.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 1/Big Cat Facts/T-L-5321-Big-Cats-Useful-Words.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 1/The Lost Laugh/
  • Term 1/Paper 1/The Lost Laugh/T-L-5322-Reading-and-Answer-Booklet-The-Lost-Laugh.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 1/The Lost Laugh/T-L-5323-Mark-Scheme-The-Lost-Laugh.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 1/T-L-5324-Content-Domain-Reference-Paper-1.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 2/
  • Term 1/Paper 2/Arshan the Brave/
  • Term 1/Paper 2/Arshan the Brave/T-L-5326-Arshan-the-Brave-Reading-Booklet.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 2/Arshan the Brave/T-L-5327-Arshan-the-Brave-Answer-Booklet.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 2/Arshan the Brave/T-L-5329-Arshan-the-Brave-Mark-Scheme.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 2/Space/
  • Term 1/Paper 2/Space/T-L-5330-Space-Reading-Booklet.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 2/Space/T-L-5334-Space-Answer-Booklet.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 2/Space/T-L-5335-Space-Mark-Scheme.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 2/T-L-5336-Content-Domain-Reference-Paper-2.pdf
  • Term 1/T-L-5373-Year-1-Term-1-Reading-Assessment-Spreadsheet-Paper-1-and-2.xls
  • Term 2/Paper 1/
  • Term 2/Paper 1/A Short Story/
  • Term 2/Paper 1/A Short Story/Mark-Scheme-A-Short-Story.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 1/A Short Story/Reading-Prompt-Booklet-A-Short-Story.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 1/Content-Domain-Reference-Paper-1.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 1/The Giant Panda/
  • Term 2/Paper 1/The Giant Panda/Mark-Scheme-The-Giant-Panda.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 1/The Giant Panda/Reading-Prompt-Booklet-The-Giant-Panda.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 1/The Giant Panda/Useful-Words-The-Giant-Panda.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/
  • Term 2/Paper 2/Content-Domain-Reference-Paper-2.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/From Mill to Mouth/
  • Term 2/Paper 2/From Mill to Mouth/Answer-Booklet-From-Mill-to-Mouth.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/From Mill to Mouth/Mark-Scheme-From-Mill-to-Mouth.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/From Mill to Mouth/Reading-Booklet-From-Mill-to-Mouth.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/The Little Brown Duck/
  • Term 2/Paper 2/The Little Brown Duck/Answer-Booklet-The-Little-Brown-Duck.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/The Little Brown Duck/Mark-Scheme-The-Little-Brown-Duck.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/The Little Brown Duck/Reading-Booklet-The-Little-Brown-Duck.pdf
  • Term 2/T-L-5464-Year-1-Term-2-Reading-Assessment-Spreadsheet.xls
  • Term 3\Paper 1\Content-Domain-Reference-Paper-1.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 1\Submarines\Mark-Scheme-Submarines.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 1\Submarines\Reading-Prompt-Booklet-Submarines.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 1\Submarines\Useful-Words-Submarines.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 1\Twinkle Twinkle Little Star\Mark-Scheme-Twinkle-Twinkle-Little-Star.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 1\Twinkle Twinkle Little Star\Reading-Prompt-Booklet-Twinkle-Twinkle-Little-Star.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 2\All Change\Mark-Scheme-All-Change.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 2\All Change\Reading-Booklet-All-Change.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 2\All Change\Useful-Words-All-Change.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 2\Content-Domain-Reference-Paper-2.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 2\Landmarks of the World\Answer-Booklet-Landmarks-of-the-World.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 2\Landmarks of the World\Mark-Scheme-Landmarks-of-the-World.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 2\Landmarks of the World\Reading-Booklet-Landmarks-of-the-World.pdf
  • Term 3\Paper 2\Landmarks of the World\Useful-Words-All-Landmarks-of-the-World.pdf
  • Term 3\T-L-5555-Year-1-Reading-Assessment-Term-3-Spreadsheet.xls
  • Term 3\Paper 2\All Change\Answer-Booklet-All-Change.pdf

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