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Colour Mixing Display Posters, Colour posters, Colouring mixing, mix,  colour, display, poster, posters, black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink, brown
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  • I have gone into the editable version and black and white = Grey is submitted twice. Should blue and red = purple be in this editable version?

    , Sep 4th
    • Hi bethanwynj,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll get this corrected right away!

      , Sep 4th
    • Hi there bethanwynj,
      We have now fixed this mistake and emailed you the corrected resource - I hope you find it useful! It will also be updated on the website very soon.

      , Sep 4th
  • Great addition to a preschool art center! Planning to use to introduce other colors and incorporate with paint activities

    , Aug 26th
  • Great visual for the elementary art room!

    , Aug 25th
  • great resources .....

    , Aug 2nd
  • Great visual resource for early childhood.

    , Jul 20th
  • Thank you these are great and am using them as visual cards for my special needs children as we are doing an art project this term

    , Jul 20th
    • Hi vikkis,
      You're very welcome :)

      , Jul 20th
  • visual cards for my special needs children

    , Jul 3rd
  • teaching

    , May 15th
  • I would love to have this resource translated into Romanian. Thanks!

    , Apr 16th
    • Hi RoscaLenuta,
      Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. We do have alternative versions of this resource available. You can see all the different versions below the pink 'download' button. If there is anything else we can help with, do let us know!

      , Apr 16th
  • use as a poster in art room

    , Apr 13th
  • My girl is really into mixing paint together, so I thought it will be a good idea for her to mixing with purpose

    , Apr 11th
  • This great, simple and give the opportunity to follow up me children's interest in colours easily

    , Apr 10th
  • colour display

    , Mar 22nd
  • activity.

    , Mar 10th
  • in the creative area next to the painting easel

    , Mar 7th
  • Year 2 colour work on mixing colour and colour wheels

    , Feb 26th
  • teaching colours

    , Feb 18th
  • HI
    I am using this to teach my kindergarten class primary colours. Showing the students how mixing colours can give you more - we are going to make butterflies, mixing two primary colours to fold over and see the change. Theme Eric Carle, Colours, Change.

    , Feb 13th
  • display

    , Feb 1st
  • Over the wall by the sink display

    , Jan 21st
  • goooood

    , Jan 19th
  • colour mixing display in the messy area

    , Jan 12th
  • On the arts area notice board.

    , Nov 12th
  • Colour mixing charts in the art room

    , Nov 8th
  • for home schooling child with ASD

    , Nov 1st
  • for learning. its helpful

    , Oct 27th
  • display

    , Oct 23rd
  • Art display

    , Oct 16th
  • display

    , Oct 8th
  • dd

    , Sep 24th
  • Display and intro colour mixing

    , Sep 22nd
  • Excellent pre school

    , Sep 21st
  • Pre - School

    , Sep 21st
  • My Pre-School room, posters will be displayed in the art area to encourage children to explore with colours.

    , Sep 20th
  • grandchildren's playroom

    , Sep 19th
  • to use in the art center in classroom

    , Sep 14th
  • to display in my room

    , Sep 12th
  • Art display

    , Sep 8th
  • class display for arts

    , Sep 8th
  • Learning about mixing colours. x

    , Sep 8th
  • Classroom diplay on mixing coulours in the art area

    , Sep 5th
  • to help the students to do their own colours mixing especially when some paint colours are not available.

    , Sep 4th
  • Linking with my colour topic and let the children mix their own colours to paint with.

    , Sep 4th
  • Color mixing lesson for preschoolers. We love using yellow red and blue to see what colors we can make.

    , Aug 21st
  • Whoooohoooo it is in Afrikaans too!!!!

    , Aug 10th
  • art lesson mixing colours

    , Aug 9th
  • church holiday activities

    , Aug 6th
  • learning to mix colours

    , Aug 4th
  • Kindergarten resource

    , Jul 3rd
    • Hi august102001,
      Sounds great! Thanks for sharing :)

      , Jul 4th
  • teaching pre-school about mixing colours

    , Jun 29th
    • Hi clairedann,
      Thanks for your comment - let us know how you get on! :)

      , Jun 29th
  • mixing colour paints in art room

    , Jun 29th
    • Hi kayz21,
      Thanks! Its lovely to hear from you :)

      , Jun 29th
  • art lessons with pre-schoolers

    , Jun 27th
    • Hi staceynearthelake,
      Sounds great! Thanks for sharing :)

      , Jun 28th
  • showing children what colours to mix. introducing mathematical symbols into the environment

    , Jun 3rd
    • Great idea, dlorraine! Thanks for sharing :)

      , Jun 3rd
  • Display for colour mixing

    , May 12th
  • reorganize colours and mixing, thank you

    , May 10th
  • art lesson on colour mixing

    , May 8th
  • colour mixing activity

    , May 5th
  • wall display

    , Apr 17th
  • This term I am doing mixing colour for key stage 2

    , Apr 15th
  • good

    , Apr 15th
  • We are working on George's Marvellous Medicine and are going to be doing various science experiments that require knowledge and understanding of colours - this is perfect to help them with it! Thank you!

    , Mar 24th
  • I would display this in my art center so that my kids could see it at their level while they are creating masterpieces

    , Mar 15th
  • Great to display in my pre-k class! My students are totally into mixing colors!

    , Mar 13th
  • display

    , Mar 11th
  • Great for my special needs class.

    , Mar 4th
  • useful for staff

    , Mar 2nd
  • n

    , Feb 28th
  • good

    , Feb 23rd
  • Display around the art area in our classroom

    , Feb 16th
  • colour mixing lesson

    , Feb 11th
  • To help promote colour mixing and get the children to pre-empt and think what might happen when they mix certain colours

    , Feb 5th
  • RE lesson on Joseph and his brothers - colour mixing to paint Joseph's special coat.

    , Feb 1st
  • art class

    , Jan 27th
  • cool!!

    , Jan 22nd
  • for demonstrating colour mixing

    , Jan 18th
  • Very helpful for introducing secondary colours.

    , Jan 16th
  • to teach colour mixing independent work

    , Jan 14th
  • I used this to put up in my art area. Very helpful

    , Jan 7th
  • thank you

    , Dec 19th
  • This would be great for my English language learners. Thank you.

    , Nov 20th
  • display my soft board in my class.. thanks for the idea

    , Sep 27th
  • Display for Year 5 and 6

    , Sep 19th
  • display as we work on our secondary colors

    , Aug 16th
  • Love these signs ! I will hang them in a good place in my classroom...

    , Feb 24th
  • i had this resource printed and laminated. i presented the pictures to the children together with the paint and let them free to discover themselves what happens when they mix colours. I asked them to use a painting brush to put blobs of paint on the paper but to mix them by using their hands. wow what fun .

    , May 23rd
A set of useful display posters featuring the main colour mixes used in the classroom. These can be displayed in your painting or creative areas to help children to become familiar with colour names and combinations.
This resource is available in Standard, Editable, Afrikaans, Spanish, Cursive, Precursive and Italian.
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