PE Physical Action Word and Picture Cards


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PE Physical Action Word and Picture Cards -  PE, action, actions, physical actions, flashcard, moves, visual aid, Physical education, prompt, PE equipment, posters, signs, display
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  • Forward rolls is a bit of a strange one.  Looks  more like a teenager walking slumped lol

    , Nov 13th
    • Hi bulwell,
      Thanks for spotting this! I have asked our design team if they can make any amendments to more accurately reflect a forward roll :)

      , Nov 13th
    • Hi there bulwell,
      Our lovely resource creation team have created this and emailed the new resource to you! It will also be available to download within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a new resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above. I hope you find it useful!

      , Nov 14th
  • , rated this resource Nov 7th
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  • , rated this resource Aug 30th
  • Pretty good. Need a few more actions and the pencil roll needs to show the child laying down. Will be using them outside along our obstacle course.

    , Aug 13th
    • Hi MsJennI75,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch! It's lovely to hear from you :) I have asked that the pencil roll card be amended - thanks for spotting that! If you let me know what else you would like to see, I will request additional cards for you :)

      , Aug 13th
    • Hi there MsJennI75,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this issue! Our lovely resource creation team have amended the resource and the new version is now available to download.

      , Aug 13th
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  • , rated this resource Jun 16th
  • These f.c. will be very useful for my action verbs lesson to my prek students! Thanks so much 

    , Jun 12th
    • Hi Mercidefatima,
      I'm pleased you found this resource helpful! We really appreciate your feedback :)

      , Jun 12th
  • I made it so I had each 3 groups and they all picked the card they wanted to do, then they did a race on what card they picked!

    , Jun 11th
    • Good evening Merryd491,
      Thanks for your comment :)
      It sounds like you had a look of fun with this resource. If there's anything we could do to make this resource even better, please let us know! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :)

      , Jun 11th
  • , rated this resource Jun 11th
  • I made a large dice using these cards, during a group activity at pre school we roll the dice and follow the action it lands on... great to get us all moving :-)

    , Sep 17th
  • Letting children see the words for their actions

    , Sep 12th
  • working on verbs and use of -ing

    , Aug 9th
  • as grandma, I love to play with my grangson. this activiy cards will help us to have a lot of fun. thank you so much.

    , Aug 8th
    • Hi arnezug,
      It's great to hear you like the resource - Thanks for sharing! :)

      , Aug 9th
  • This one is for teaching my niece

    , Aug 7th
  • for my instructional material on Science :)

    , Aug 2nd
  • WellComm assessments and interventions

    , Jun 28th
  • Laminate and put them in our outside area with a 'Can you ......' challenge

    , Jun 16th
    • Hi maria_smith,
      Brilliant idea! Very creative! :)

      , Jun 16th
  • pe lesson J3

    , May 14th
  • movement actions ,visual kids,great for learning new verbs for foreign students

    , May 5th
  • great for pe

    , Apr 26th
  • Visual aids for lower primary SEN

    , Apr 19th
  • use for action words in pretend play with autistic child.

    , Apr 5th
  • Movement flashcards

    , Mar 30th
  • PE Activities cards

    , Mar 29th
  • Healthy Bodies unit

    , Mar 24th
  • PREK use for movement activities

    , Mar 22nd
  • sentence starters

    , Mar 17th
  • to assess my students on various locomotor movements and weight transfer activities.

    , Mar 14th
  • writing simple sentences with action words

    , Mar 14th
  • classroom gross motoric activities

    , Mar 14th
  • Great for learning commands for PE or Drama lessons. Thanks! :D

    , Mar 2nd
  • To help children start learning towards 22-36 months in communication and language: understanding.

    , Feb 27th
  • I`ll use it for motor planning, I really liked it, thank you so much!!!

    , Feb 24th
  • motor planning

    , Feb 4th
  • LOVE this! Thank you so much for the action photos for PE. This is exactly what I was looking for.

    , Jan 28th
  • For station work in physical education

    , Jan 14th
  • nursery activity

    , Jan 12th
  • For a classroom activity.

    , Jan 11th
  • PE lessons, circuits

    , Jan 11th
  • school assignment

    , Dec 13th
  • It is for homeschool PE training.

    , Dec 9th
  • I have used this resource as a way to offer choices instead of running in the classroom. For example: Instead of running, try jumping. The cards are visually appealing and easy to print and laminate.

    , Dec 7th
  • great for warmups and cooling down

    , Nov 25th
  • I will use this resource in activities to engage children in using their bodies to perform and understand action words

    , Nov 20th
  • My pre-k students are learning about their bodies - this will be a fun way to make a game of moving our bodies in different ways.

    , Nov 18th
  • I'm a PE teacher for K-2. This is awesome.

    , Nov 16th
  • To include physical movement into their lives, especially during cold weather.

    , Nov 10th
  • for my children to improve vocabulary

    , Nov 9th
  • I would like to use these for cues for warm ups and other actions for children to read on their own.

    , Oct 21st
  • For our children to develop their learning and understanding of action words

    , Oct 14th
  • thanks

    , Oct 8th
  • Cue cards/ aid for recognising and predicting what's the next actions during PE session

    , Oct 5th
  • saturday drama school warm up!

    , Sep 24th
  • Didn't download. I would use the resource for my K3 ESL class in Thailand. We are having a sport's day this month.

    , Sep 24th
    • Hi esthermilanzi,
      Thank you for commenting! :) can I ask what happens when you try to download the resource?

      , Sep 24th
  • circle time

    , Sep 23rd
  • I am going to use it to get the childrens attention at the end of playtimes .They will have to copy whichever card I hold up.

    , Sep 22nd
  • Physical Education, thanks

    , Sep 21st
  • pe

    , Sep 18th
  • great

    , Sep 15th
  • to my PE classes

    , Sep 14th
  • Sure it's great for PE
    Sorry, not what i was looking for.
    Wanted some action pictures without text so children could discover verbs for themselves.

    , Sep 11th
    • Hi Deputydeb,

      Thank you for your resource suggestion on the Twinkl website.

      If we're able to make this for you we'll be in touch shortly to let you know.

      I hope you have a lovely day! : )

      , Sep 11th
  • To use as flash cards to support and encourage physical activity

    , Sep 10th
  • To display.

    , Sep 10th
  • in order towork with them at school,formy pupils.

    , Sep 10th
  • for my students

    , Sep 9th
  • for my students

    , Sep 7th
  • Going to add these as a resource to our movement area :)

    , Sep 2nd
  • This comment has been reported and is currently being reviewed by one of our moderators. Fingers-crossed it'll be back soon!

    , Aug 21st
  • new ideas for activities

    , Aug 16th
  • for a uni assignment, unit of work with drama and pdhpd

    , Aug 15th
  • for my two daughters

    , Aug 10th
  • Great for our little Pre-school Gymnasts

    , Jul 26th
    • Hi Goshawks,
      Thank you for your feedback! I'm really glad we could help :)

      , Jul 26th
  • Use the cards for movements during the Happy and you know it song.

    , May 14th
  • Encourage children to recognize action pictures

    , May 10th
  • To encourage all pupils into warm up

    , Apr 26th
  • To add music to movement

    , Apr 20th
  • to help children recognize locomotor and non-locomotor skills

    , Apr 14th
  • To use in games to help a child with speech delay.

    , Apr 5th
  • want to use this resource to teach the action words

    , Mar 26th
  • speech

    , Mar 11th
  • outdoor activity

    , Mar 10th
  • Outdoor activity

    , Mar 5th
  • Encourage children to recognize action pictures

    , Mar 1st
  • We are doing bilingual p.e lessons for 5th and 6th graders in our school

    , Feb 26th
  • I am a teacher in training and will use these for my class

    , Feb 4th
  • I am starting PE sessions as part of out weekly routine 2 to 3 year old children :)

    , Feb 1st
  • movement for early years

    , Jan 29th
  • Useful for teaching PE in the foundation stage, thank you

    , Jan 21st
  • SEND child

    , Jan 19th
  • i am going to use this In pe

    , Jan 17th
  • I'm going to be using this for a deaf child in PE

    , Jan 16th
  • Going to teach my Newbie Toddlers one movement each day. Many thanks, say the healthy and happy kids of Seoul:)))

    , Jan 13th
  • This will help support my lessons. Big thank you

    , Jan 6th
  • Just what I was after. Thank you, this has saved me hours!

    , Jan 6th
  • Hey iamsrj - Thanks for the post, I hope they enjoy the action cards!

    , Oct 3rd
  • This will be great for my emerging movers! (:
    Bunch of thanks!

    , Oct 1st
A handy set of visual prompts to show key physical actions in PE.
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