Food Word and Picture Cards


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Food Word and Picture Cards - food, cards, cards showing food, different foods, names of food, food images, food activites, food games, cards displaying food, food names

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  • , rated this resource Aug 25th
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  • , rated this resource Jun 11th
  • I will be using these flash cards with my 2 yr old daughter to extend her food vocabulary through play.

    , Jun 7th
  • I have 2 fussy eaters, one because she is autistic the other because of lots of reasons.  Our local hospital gave me a leaflet on fussy eaters and suggests making a scrap book for the children to cut out and stick images of items they eat.  Then items they don't.  When they have tried the item (supposed to be 5 times) they can put a sticker next to it and eventually earn a reward.  I am going to try and see if it works with the help of some lovely twinkl images.

    , Apr 4th
    • Hi Nprideyh115,
      I'm glad this resource is useful! Thanks for letting us know :)

      , Apr 4th
  • Brilliant for SEN food choices (visual support)Would you be able to create visual aids based on school meals to help for lunch time?(Jacket potato, crackers, peas ect)many thanks

    , Nov 14th
  • Warburton's bread but not McVities digestives? Wrong. Just plain wrong. ;)

    Great resource....!

    , Nov 7th
  • Vocab dev for EAL , matching game, sorting game 

    , Nov 1st
  • Speaking activity with kids

    , Oct 14th
  • role play

    , Oct 9th
  • one to one work. It will be a great learning resource.

    , Sep 29th
  • Great for using with EAL children!

    , Sep 20th
  • Fab! used for a EAL student.

    , Sep 15th
  • Excelent!!

    , Sep 6th
  • thank you for sharing. I shall use this as a matching activity for special needs pupils.

    , Aug 31st
  • Thank you very much! It's great to use this resource.

    , Jul 12th
  • awesome..

    , Jun 30th
    • Hi blumerch,
      Thank you very much for commenting! It's great to hear from you :)

      , Jun 30th
  • super

    , Jun 22nd
  • I teach english to french pupils aged 6 to 9

    , May 29th
  • to role play a restaurant

    , May 28th
  • I teach Deaf and hard of hearing students, for whom incidental learning is either limited or absent entirely. Vocabulary that most kids just pick up must be explicitly taught.

    , May 9th
  • I would use it to teach students about food's categories, naming, requesting

    , May 4th
  • I will use this for home educating my son ... he is totally visual so this will be brilliant we can use it for English science and to talk about food plus make it fun to

    , Apr 27th
  • cards for claping and composing food rhythms

    , Apr 18th
  • To roleplay a restaurant

    , Apr 12th
  • For talking about healthy and unhealthy food

    , Apr 11th
  • I would like to use it for student activity on food pyramid

    , Apr 10th
  • It is very useful for my children in the kindergarten

    , Apr 10th
  • I'm surprised nobody has spotted croissant is misspelled

    , Feb 22nd
    • Hi natalieconnell,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll get this corrected right away!

      , Feb 22nd
    • Hi there natalieconnell,
      We have now fixed this mistake and emailed you the corrected resource - I hope you find it useful! It will also be updated on the website very soon.

      , Feb 23rd
  • wow this is amazing so helpful my little man can now learn to make a choice x

    , Feb 17th
  • to have children sort out what foods are healthy and unhealthy on large tooth cutouts

    , Feb 11th

    , Feb 6th
  • for healthy and unhealthy sorting activity; to create the types of meals and say why

    , Jan 24th
  • Teach vocabulary to english class.

    , Jan 12th
  • help support learning

    , Jan 3rd
  • making food choices, describing different foods, sensory work - using adjectives to describe textures

    , Dec 15th
  • for displays!

    , Dec 8th
  • I would use this for writing.

    , Nov 30th
  • sorting out foods and thinking about what makes a healthy diet.

    , Nov 18th
  • To teach ESL children

    , Nov 9th
  • With the ESLchildren, Word recognition for slow earners and for healthy and unhealthy foods

    , Nov 8th
  • teaching vocabulary

    , Oct 29th
  • a senses activity

    , Sep 22nd
  • to help ESL children

    , Sep 19th
  • Eatwell Plate activities and games - sorting into the 5 food groups, creating balanced meals etc.

    , Sep 13th
  • Help my chinese ESL learners with my big book

    , Sep 10th
  • To use in the classroom.

    , Sep 7th
  • To display in my home corner

    , Aug 29th
  • :)

    , Jun 29th
  • thank you

    , Jun 27th
    • Hi chimakurthi,
      You're very welcome! Thank you for commenting :)

      , Jun 27th
  • Sorting activity for Food pyramid. Also very useful for EAL work.

    , Jun 26th
    • Hi hevski45,
      Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

      , Jun 26th
  • I will be using for my EAL child

    , Jun 22nd
    • Hi kbickley,
      Thank you for commenting! :)

      , Jun 22nd
  • i will be using this for my pupils and for my baby..thanks!

    , Jun 20th
    • Hi geraldine102084,
      You're very welcome! Thank you for commenting :)

      , Jun 20th
  • Games

    , Jun 11th
    • Hi amyjo86,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

      , Jun 11th
  • I'm going to use these cards as a part of an ESL game Who am I ?

    , Jun 10th
    • Hi karenza,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

      , Jun 10th
  • I am using this for food categories KS1

    , Jun 10th
    • Hi francat58,
      Thanks for commenting! I'm really glad we could help you :)

      , Jun 10th
  • Deaf school in Malawi. Age 20 - 25. Classes in Home economics

    , Jun 4th
    • Thanks for sharing Greenshop. :)

      , Jun 4th
  • I am using this in my unit on the body and senses in our Early Learning Program (3-5yo). We will talk about always foods and sometimes foods in conjunction with taste and smell.

    , Jun 1st
    • Hi there LyndalSmith, thanks for your comment! This sounds like a great idea!

      , Jun 1st
  • salt

    , May 21st
    • I'll have a look at getting some salt for you kary61! :)

      , May 21st
  • i will be using this for a 2yr old autistic child who can only say toast and has issues around food so he can show me what he would like to eat

    , May 7th
  • healthy eating project

    , Apr 30th
  • role play

    , Apr 29th

    , Apr 27th
  • for my asd pupil

    , Apr 20th
  • language classes-translating activity

    , Apr 17th
  • pictures to help teach my esl learners :)

    , Apr 15th
  • resoursefolder

    , Apr 8th
  • personal use.

    , Mar 22nd
  • Role play kitchen

    , Mar 20th
  • To make picture-word match and picture-sound match games

    , Mar 1st
  • for healthy eating and healthy teeth ccircle time

    , Feb 27th
  • good - will use with my TESOl students

    , Feb 22nd
  • in an early years nursery! to create dinner collages for decorating pots and pans! (off the back of "chop chop choppity chop!" activities)

    , Feb 10th
  • sorting into healthy non healthy

    , Feb 3rd
  • focus group work.

    , Feb 1st
  • Planning recipes with low level literacy students, wall poster to aid spelling

    , Jan 30th
  • low literacy pupils

    , Jan 27th
  • work one to one

    , Jan 23rd
  • to help learn about healthy eating

    , Jan 18th
  • playing a defining game

    , Jan 14th
  • Health and well being to use in conjunction with the Eatwell plate for children to order.

    , Jan 13th
  • teaching

    , Jan 8th
  • 20 question/Pass the Parcel game. Put all cards into a lunchbox, play pass the parcel, when the music stops child takes out one card secretly and others must ask yes/no questions to guess what it is.

    , Jan 5th
  • cookery display for Natural World Topic

    , Dec 17th
  • These cards are useful for teaching English to my pupils!

    , Sep 22nd
This handy set of word cards cover the main vocabulary for this topic with lovely images to illustrate each one. Print and laminate them so your children can keep them on hand, or put them in your role play area to help reinforce the use of these words during different situations.
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